LxListening: Folkamania 2011

Looking back on our first four months of posts, I tried looking for trends on what we covered too much, just enough, and not nearly enough. At this point, you probably know we like hip hop, The Talking Heads, and Danny Glover.

The one genre I don’t feel we covered nearly enough was folk music. Perhaps that’s because I’m the biggest advocate for the genre at LxL, but it was also a strong year for folk and we would be remiss to not highlight some of the music. So this playlist highlights the best in folk music this year.

Without further ado…

Fleet Foxes and a log cabin
Folk music has always been meant for the log cabin.

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LxListening: Little Bit of Sunshine

After incessantly listening to Beach Boys’ Smile for two weeks, the Beach Boys have helped me wane off the sunshine and heat as the Indiana landscape slowly turns into an unforgiving frozen tundra. So here are my five songs that are either influenced by the Beach Boys or embody their bright sprit, two things that help me as a slowly drift off into my honey-induced hibernation.

Ready for the Winter
Getting nice and cozy

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LxListening: Femme Fatale

Twin Sister In Heaven, "Bad Streets"

For my first write-up for our LxListening features, I was trying to think of an overarching theme for much of the music I have listened to as of lately. Then, bouncing through my recent played albums, that I had been listening almost exclusively to female lead bands, both old and new. Being a blog run by three dudes, we thought it would be good to pump some feminine flavor into the blog once and a while. So here you are.
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