LxListening: The Inaugural

Norah Jones, Danger Mouse, Daniele Luppi, Rome, Black, Spaghetti Western

Six weeks into LxL, things are still changing and adapting. Our little website is going through puberty if you will. Growing hair in strange  places, and waking up with a wet spot in its shortpants. Today, we would like to offer up the first installment of LxListening, where one of us will basically provide a quick snapshot of what we are currently listening to. This is really just an opportunity for us to talk half-assedly about a bunch of things, instead of focus on one thing like grown-ups.  Also, while things may change a little bit with this section, we will probably try to have 4 somewhat current picks (within the past year or so), and 1 older pick(several years old at least). Enjoy, and thank you for reading.

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Idaho Review: You Were A Dick


You Were A Dick

Nearly six years after his last release, indie rock veteran Jeff Martin of Idaho opens up his latest album You Were a Dick with the line “I hope you don’t take it personally that I disappeared like that” on the title track, an olive branch sure to resonate well with his loyal fan base. With this mentality, Martin puts his vulnerability on the table as soon as the listener hits play.
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