Japandroids Show Review

Larimer Lounge
Denver, CO
live review of the Japandroids show at Larimer Lounge in Denver Colorado

“Was that the loudest show you’ve ever been to?” I asked. “What?” my friend Aaron responded. I’ll take that as a yes.
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Japandroids Review: Celebration Rock


Celebration Rock

review and album cover art for the Japandroids Celebration Rock

Celebration Rock opens up with a prelude of fireworks. Is it a commemoration of a new future for Japandroids, or a setup to 35 minutes of bombastic energy? Maybe it’s a little bit of both.
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LxListening: Lady Laurel’s Listenings

^^ I also watch The Bachelor

LxL patriarch Todd has been politely hounding me for a few months now to add my particular brand of musical discernment to the pages of Little by Listen. And let’s just lay the truth bare while we’re all gathered here today and acknowledge that the most important ingredient I bring to this Bitches Brew is, in fact, estrogen.
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LxListening: Love/Hate

Love/Hate Music

Occasionally, I find myself in a musical sweet spot.  All of the stars have aligned and there are a few albums or songs that just seem to fit together that I listen to over and over.  These groupings are usually a combination of new releases, older albums I am just hearing for the first time, and classic favorites that I have rediscovered.  During these times I can’t wait to get in my car or to my computer because I’ve already got a playlist in my head ready to go.

However, even while enjoying this bliss, I know what is lurking just around the corner. You can only obsessively do anything for a short amount of time before it starts to get annoying, and that is especially true with music choice. After a week or so, the sweet spot starts to get old. Dramatic choruses become comical (“Knights of Cydonia”). Things that were once unique start to become annoying (The xx really need to read this article). Aspects of a song that once drew me in start to push me away (i.e. the howling whine of Alec Ounsworth in “Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth”…and every other Clap Your Hands And Say Yeah song).
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Idaho Review: You Were A Dick


You Were A Dick

Nearly six years after his last release, indie rock veteran Jeff Martin of Idaho opens up his latest album You Were a Dick with the line “I hope you don’t take it personally that I disappeared like that” on the title track, an olive branch sure to resonate well with his loyal fan base. With this mentality, Martin puts his vulnerability on the table as soon as the listener hits play.
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