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LxListening: Faith & Music

19 Apr

Festival of Faith & Music Review

This past weekend, my wife and I went to the 6th biennial Festival of Faith & Music in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and it proved to be one of the more interesting conference/festivals I’ve ever attended. Culture criticism often has an adversarial relationship with faith and faith often has an adversarial relationship with pop culture, so it was cool to be somewhere where the two were openly discussed together and how better each can be incorporated into each other. So here are five choice cuts relating to the Festival of Faith & Music.
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The Yeah Yeah Yeahs Review Royale: Mosquito

16 Apr

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs


Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito album cover art

Wes’ Words:

Like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs had a huge place in reviving rock music in the early 2000s. Also like the Strokes, the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s latest album stands as their worst to date, with a hammy comic book feel and a slew of repetitive retread songs. It doesn’t help that Mosquito opens with its lead single and clearly best track in “Sacrilege” sort of like the comedy that released all its best jokes in the trailer. Beside “Sacrilege”, which has the band summoning the gospel ghosts of “Gimme Shelter”, the New York trio tries two other new tricks here in dub reggae (“Under The Earth”, “Slave”) and a cartoonish comic book theme (“Mosquito”, “Area 52”, “Buried Alive”) that just don’t really work for me.
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Charles Bradley Q&A

15 Apr

Charles Bradley Interview

Little by Listen: I saw you this summer at Millennium Park in Chicago, and I found your show to be really inspiring and also just really fun.  It was a free show, and a friend of mine and I always talk about how artists sometimes mail it in at these free shows where it isn’t all just your fans, but you did the complete opposite of that. What motivates you to pour every ounce of energy you have on stage?
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James Blake Review Royale: Overgrown

10 Apr

James Blake

James Blake, album cover, Overgrown

Wes’ Thoughts:

In 2011, the British boyish-faced James Blake divisively took the indie world by storm with his self-titled full-length debut, combining soulful R&B with deep rhythmic dubstep. I say divisively, because not everyone took to the varied and sensitive electronic music that Blake makes. For me, I was sold the first time I heard the bass kick-in on his cover of Feist’s “Limit To Your Love”. Now on his second album, Overgrown, he spends less time being precious and really digs in with some incredibly intricate songs – a definite step forward for Blake.
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Top Ten Thursday: Best Spring Songs

4 Apr

zippity doo dah- best spring songs

Ahhh…the spring. The time for birds chirping, flowers blooming, and of course, the start of a new music festival season. Last year at this time of year, we gave you our favorite spring albums, and many of the songs on this list, belong on entries for that list. Oh by the way, this week, we are bringing you the best songs for spring, the songs that help break us from our winter hibernation, throw open the curtains, and spring out into the world (pun intended). So join us as we clean out the old song garage and give you our ten favorite spring songs.
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