Site Breakdown

Site Breakdown

At Little by Listen, we plan on delivering a variety pieces from thought-provoking blogs to good-old fashioned reviews. Here is a breakdown on our various categories.


Though we will never be the first to break a news story at LxL, we do want to aggregate the music news that we think is important and interesting and also give a little of our take on stories. So while we may not be breaking news, we will always offer our own flavor on things, making it worth your while to check us on news topics.


This like most sites, reviews will likely be our bread and butter. For album reviews, we plan on offering three or four reviews a week of a wide range of music, but every so often, we plan on taking it a step further and giving a review the royale treatment– turning it into an all-out rumble between the three of us. This will allow for more depth and variety in opinions on the most important releases.

All our reviews up until March 2014 were on the 11 point scale: also known as the Spinal Tap scale. But even though we still love David St. Hubbins and the boys, we have since switched to a more conventional 10 point scale as a better comparison point to other music sites.

Thoughts @ Work

Named after a song by the hardest working hip hop band today, the Roots, this will be our blogs or think pieces. So if we want to waste some space on our thoughts on a changing music industry or why My Morning Jacket is the greatest live band around and you need to go see them right now (seriously), we will do it here.

Top Tens

There’s nothing quite like a Top Ten list for people to dispute. We especially have a knack and love for lists, and will be putting out lists once a week. Whether it’s our top ten favorite bassists or the five greatest covers of all time, we will try to keep it interesting with our lists.


Who doesn’t like being told what to do. That’s exactly what we will do anyway on Fridays, when we tell you the five songs that have powered us through the week, and that should soundtrack your weekend.

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