The 10 Best Prince Songs or: The List Formerly Known as Our Favorite Songs by the Artist Prince


Editor’s note: With the shocking and sudden death of Prince, the best way we know how to mourn is share his songs that we loved the most. With that, here is our list from 2014 of our favorite Prince songs of all time. Let all the doves cry out.


I am sure that if you told Prince that you could order ten of his best all-time songs onto a list of ten, he would make the exact face above and sink it deep into your soul. It is hard to put together a list of such a beloved artist’s songs, especially after releasing thirty-three albums. His thirty-third and thirty-second of which were recently simultaneously released on September 30th. For the occasion (although late), we decided to take on the daunting task of trying to list our favorites anyways. The result is quite a crowd-pleasing list I would say. If you are looking for some serious deep tracks you should probably look elsewhere, but if you can argue the legitimacy of these legendary wonders of pop music, we would love to hear those arguments below. Now onto the list:

10. “Darling Nikki”

Our first track from the album Purple Rain on this list, but obviously it will not be our last. This song is so damn sexy that Al Gore’s wife (Tipper Gore) founded the Parents Music Resource Center, which eventually led to the use of “Parental Advisory” stickers and imprints on album covers. Note: this was even before Al Gore was officially elected the sole savior of our planet Earth and all it’s inhabitants. So you see why he had a lot to live up to. In essence, the song is a blessing and a curse. Because of it, many prepubescent brats with over-protective parents were not allowed to buy many desired albums for the rest of their music-loving lives (or at least until they turned 18). But without it, this world would be far less sexy.


9. “When You Were Mine”

This John Lennon inspired song showed the world how serious of a guitar player Prince actually was. Many people think he is just all play and no work, but the album Dirty, along with its gems like this one, showed everyone that he was a good mix of both.


8. “I Would Die 4 U”

As I am typing this, I just realized that out of the five singles released from Purple Rain, three of them are on this list, plus an additional song from the album as well. This is our favorite song from Purple Rain that isn’t one of the big two. (If you don’t know what those two songs are, obviously you aren’t a golfer.)


7. “Sign “☮” the Times”

The lead single off the album of the same title is one of Prince’s most introspective tracks he has ever written. It is arguably one of Prince’s best albums, and arguably on of Prince’s best songs.


6. “7”

For all intents and purposes, this song is ultimately responsible for my general interest in all of music. The symbol album, was my first ever purchased CD. The reason behind that purchase? The song “7”. Following this buy I believe was Vanilla Ice, Deena Carter, and then somewhere along the lines the Space Jam soundtrack. The rest of my early music interests may not have stood the test of time, but at least the symbol album still makes it into plays from my music library… and the Space Jam soundtrack, obviously. Especially when I get those basketball jones.


5. “1999”

The ultimate party song of the universe. This song was futuristic when it came out in 1982, it was totally relevant and still played all year as the year’s party anthem in 1999, and an instant classic ever since. It has remained at the top of all party playlists since its birth and probably will until the world decides it no longer likes having fun.


4. “When Doves Cry”

Remember when I said that people looking for deep tracks are going to be disappointed with this list? Listen, if you have a problem with this song being on a top ten list, than you are trying too hard.


3. “Purple Rain”

Ditto #3. But I would also like to add that if you can listen to this song without passionately bawling your eyes out and simultaneously experience uncontrollable orgasms, you must simply be a robot.


2. “I Wanna Be Your Lover”

Apparently this song was written out of pure Prince frustration with his label Warner Bros. Which also apparently can be a very powerful and beautiful thing. The song has Prince’s famous falsetto vocal style that would become a staple and fan favorite of the Prince sound. High tempo, bright and funky strings, and sexy vocals. Claaaaaassic Prince.


1. “Kiss”

“Kiss” is quite possibly the greatest love song ever. Which, since almost every song is about some form of love, essentially makes it the greatest song ever. The personality this song exudes is exactly what makes Prince who he is. It is sexy, it is cool, it is edgy, it is full of innuendos, and it is seemingly effortless. It was quirky and experimental for its time, and still would be considered so if it came out today. It is the epitome of the artist currently known as Prince.


The “Just Missed Our List” List:

Todd – “Sexy M.F.”

This song not only coincides with my “symbol” album obsession, it is also just a hilarious, sex obsessed track. How can you not love it?


Wes – “Little Red Corvette”

A sing-a-long to top all other sing-a-longs. This is a crowd pleaser across the globe and one of the better mainstream pop singles of all time.


Austin – “Nothing Compares 2 U”

Austin does not care for Prince at all, but he loves Sinead O’Conner. Although Prince’s original version of the song was really rather great, it was popularized by Sinead in 1990, and the result was a worldwide smash hit. Prince was about the only person on Earth who managed to not like the rendition, which ultimately led to the two coming to blows over it at the Prince estate. According to Sinead it literally turned into a fist fight. Too bad she didn’t have Austin there to get her back! She claims “he packed a bigger punch than mine” which left her running out of his house at 5 AM for to seek safety. Which if you didn’t realize beforehand, Prince is kind of a dick. But an amazing musical artist!

Author: Todd

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5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Prince Songs or: The List Formerly Known as Our Favorite Songs by the Artist Prince”

  1. love the post. i’m a HUGE prince fan, so naturally i don’t agree with some of your rankings (kudos for putting “when you were mine” on there)… but i appreciate the writing and the fact that you even did this Top 10. you guys #rock

  2. Another great loss, even if he hadn’t done that much of note on record recently. he was still awesome live. hope you saw my blog on same. My top ten overlaps but is quite different too.

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