Aussie Takeover: 10 Best Australian Music Acts

australian music
With Courtney Barnett and Tame Impala quickly sweeping over the music scene like a non-violent version of a tornado, we thought we would give a shout out to our favorite music from the land down under. And yes, obviously Men at Work made the list. Enjoy, and give us your qualms:

10. Dirty Three
dirty_three band, Australian band
Pure Aussie instrumental rock. Warren Ellis is like if the devil stole the boy’s fiddle in “Devil Went Down to Georgia”.

9. Men at Work
men at work, australian band
Most now know Colin Hay these days because they were fans of Zach Braff’s mid-2000’s stint of flicks and shows that were soundtracked with Colin’s music. But before he was singing on Scrubs, he was leading one of the best Australian rock bands of all time. They even proudly sung about the land down under!

8. Cut Copy
Cut Copy, australian band
It’s hard to believe these electronic rockers have now been around for over a decade. Fun dance rock that somehow simultaneously sounds current and from the 80’s.
7. Wolfmother
wolfmother, australian band
Wolfmother really came out the gate swinging with their full force, powerhouse of a debut album. They quickly and unfortunately began getting in band scuffles and not working well together, but the energy, ferocity, and skill of that first album still lingers in our ears and hearts today.
6. Sia
sia, australian
Sia may seem like a buzz act lately, but in all reality she has been around for quite some time, and always has involved herself in very interesting work. From acid-jazz/rock covers of Radiohead, to singing lead vocals in Zero 7, to her expansive two-decade span of solo work, she is a true original, and an Aussie great!
5. AC/DC
ac/dc band, australian
As sick of listening to them as we all are at this point, there is no denying these bunch of rag-tag ruffian hard rockers as being legends, idols, and amongst the greats of all rock bands in history.
4. Courtney Barnett
courtney-barnett, australian
Courtney might not have more than a double EP and a full LP behind her at this point, but that amount of work alone has already proved her worth on this list. I’m sure anyone that enjoys discussing music will be discussing her work for years to come, and it is easy to see why with such musically great and lyrically intelligent songs like this:

3. Kylie Minogue
kylie-minogue, australian singer
Oh Kylie. 46 years old and still the heart-throb of every male on the planet. She has a lot more than just sex appeal behind her as well. In the almost 30 years she has been making music, which includes 12 albums, over 14 world tours, and countless remixes, she has always been relevant. Her 2014 album Kiss Me Once even ranked highly amongst most year end lists last year.
2. Tame Impala
Tame-Impala, australian band
Australia’s answer to the mid-career Beatles, 50 years after the fact. But hey, better late than never. These psychedelic Aussie rockers have only put out two albums and an EP, but again, we have another artist that is off to such a great start, it’s hard to see any decline in quality coming up in the near future. Especially with the brilliant new tracks we have already heard from their upcoming release.
1. Nick Cave
nick-cave, australian
One of the most underrated gentlemen in music altogether. Nick Cave is kind of like the Tom Waits of Australia. Deep, unmistakable, booming voice. Quirky, intelligent, poignant, and sometimes goofy lyrics. Always surrounds himself with good musicians; is respected by all, loved by most, loathed by some. This man has been making music since the 70’s and to date, I haven’t heard a song I didn’t love by him. Only some I like more than others.
The “Just Missed Our List” List:

With an overwhelming amount of musical acts being from Australia that we wanted to give some love to, we each indulged in picking two misses this week. Please forgive us.

Wes – Savage Garden/Silverchair
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 1.48.40 PM
In middle school Wes used to spend hours in his room alone, really rocking out to the more gentle post-grunge stylings of Silverchair. And the best way he found to come down from that bender… a little “Truly, Madly, Deeply” of course.
Austin – Missy Higgins/Natalie Imbruglia
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.08.42 PM
Back in the late 90’s, Austin’s heart string were tugged mighty hard when he first heard the voice of Natalie Imbruglia. Quickly falling madly in love for the first time, his heart was crushed a few years later when it became known that Natalie did not prefer the company of men. As hard as this was for Austin, he dusted off his bone-piece and moved on, finding love in another soft-contempary female rock artist, Missy Higgins. And history repeats itself once again. Let’s just say Austin himself is still a bit “torn”.
Todd – The Vines/30 Odd Foot of Grunt’s
Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 2.10.28 PM
Sorry that I tend to like my rock music to come without sobriety. The Vines went on Letterman for a big US debut, lead singer went all Jim Morrison on stage, and they were never heard from again. I don’t know why, I think the below video only proves how much other rockers just need to get on their level. “Must be that West Nile” Letterman says! Ha! As for 30 OFOG led by no other than the musically brilliant Russell Crowe; we all saw how brilliant his voice was in Les Misérables, it’s undeniable. Who could possibly deny wanting to listen to him as lead vocalist in a soft rock band?

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One thought on “Aussie Takeover: 10 Best Australian Music Acts”

  1. Nice selection! Glad you acknowledged Kylie. She deserves it. My favourite Aussie is the wonderful folk singer, Emily Barker. I’ve done a few blogs about her music. And back to the 80s, The Triffids were good. Courtney Barnett references them in one of her songs.

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