Bonnaroo 2015 Recap In Full


I’mmmm bacckkkkk! This is Riley Johnson, fellow friend and festival attender of LxL’s Wes, Austin, and Todd. After I attend Bonnaroo, and as is now tradition here at LxL,  I like to quickly recap the experience with a full 1-sentence review of each act I was able to see over the wonderful weekend (Todd filled in on any I might have missed that he happen to catch as well).

Last year, I had my Bonnaroo wristband purchased, my line-up all planned out, and my baby powder and chaffing cream packed away! Sadly, life got in the way and I was unable to make the trip to the farm. However, 2015 brought a new day and I jet-setted back from California to hoof it down to Manchester, Tennessee with some of my best friends. Bonnaroo was not top heavy this year, but it definitely was one of the best festivals I have seen from start to finish. There was a consistent flow of quality, weirdness, and crunk to keep you on your toes. You won’t get my favorite or my worst, but you will get a beautiful little one sentence take on every act I saw over the 4-day brain freeze known as Bonnaroo:


-unlocking-the truth bonnaroo
Unlocking The Truth


If this is what it’s like to be a kid in Brooklyn these days, sign me up!






01-dej-loaf- bonnaroo
Dej Loaf


She might be the hottest thing out of Detroit since B-Rabbit’s mom’s spaghetti.





strand of oaks BONNAROO_00100019JT_1434078336955_19689089_ver1.0_640_480
Strand of Oaks


I have never seen an artist so appreciative to be at Bonnaroo like Timothy Showalter genuinely was.








I really wish I would have watched the whole show through a kaleidoscope.





Glass Animals


I must say, Dave Bayley sure knows how to turn an album into a live dance party with those peanut butter vibes. Mmmmm, peanut butter.




Tove Lo -  bonnaroo
Tove Lo


iTunes Show Part 1, most people I have ever seen at a tent. Which is only upsetting because I wanted to be close to her.





courtney barnett bonnaroo
Courtney Barnett


Talk about the perfect end to arguably the best Thursday night I have ever seen.







the districts bonnaroo
The Districts


If The Strokes turned into a jam band and and sometimes just, like, chilled.





Unknown Mortal Orchestra - bonnaroo
Unknown Mortal Orchestra


I did not check my phone one time. Not once. Just danced.






moon taxi
Moon Taxi


They should probably just take that taxi to the moon. Let them deal with it there.





sylvan esso bonanroo
Sylvan Esso


“Eye” must say that Sylvan Esso really got the crowd moving.







Dear Atmosphere, Overcast! was awesome in 1997, I wish your stage presence wasn’t still stuck in that year.





alabama shakes bonnaroo
Alabama Shakes


From 3 years ago in a tent on a Thursday to bringing down the main stage pre-headliner. Nobody better for the job than Brittany Howard.




Kendrick Lamar


Kendrick definitely had a bone to pick.





run the jewels
Run The Jewels


Seriously, if you don’t love what El-P and Killer Mike do, you can close your eyes and count to…





flying lotus
Flying Lotus


One part dazzling visual art, one part psychedelic exploration, one part dope hip-hop amazingness.





odesza bonnaroo


One thing I didn’t expect from Odesza was a live band set. I was ignorant. Also, very impressed with the amount of live electronic music performances overall this weekend.






Trampled By Turtles


It was Turtles all the way down.







Super chill; all I needed was a Bahama Mama to sip on.







Didn’t see much, now I wish I would have saw more.





Sturgill Simpson - bonnaroo
Sturgill Simpson


This dude is exactly what real country sounds like. And again, more turtles all the way down.





hozier bonnaroo 2015


iTunes Show Part 2, nothing better than seeing a bunch of dirty hippies smoking pot while singing every word of Take Me to Church.




My Morning Jacket


How is one of the worst MMJ sets I have seen still one of the best sets of the entire festival?






Childish Gambino

Asian girls everywhere…UCLAB (University of Los Angeles Bonnaroo).






slayer bonnaroo


Was too tired for the pit, glad I was too tired for the pit. Also, Kill the Kardashians.



D’Angelo and the Vanguard


I was hoping for a naked D’Angelo version of Untitled, but what I got was 90 minutes of James Brown reincarnated and loved it.





2015 Bonnaroo Music superjam


I will say, from the few/weird moments I saw, I wish I would have seen more.








Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas
Jessica Hernandez & the Deltas


I wanted the bluesy Jessica to show up, but got the No Doubty Jessica instead.






01-hurray_for_the_riff_raff bonnaroo
Hurray for the Riff Raff


Not saying that I wish the real Riff Raff would have been in this time slot, but I am kinda saying that I wish the real Riff Raff would have been in this time slot. (She was honestly a perfect Sunday afternoon set though)




Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear -
Madisen Ward & the Mama Bear


A mother/son duo that if you have never heard of them, you need to change that now!





Shabazz Palaces
Shabazz Palaces


Unique mysterious experimental unorthodox electronic hip-hop goodness.





MØ -


Legos, Beowulf, Google Maps, and MO – thank you Denmark.





Freddie Gibbs & Madlib -
Freddie Gibbs & Madlib


Now that was one hell of a Scary Gary birthday party.






Florence & the Machine


I would hate to be Florence’s fitbit after all the running she did on that stage!






Billy Joel Bonnaroo
Billy Joel


I finally know what it is like to sing Piano Man with +80,000 people… and I also now know what a million dollars of glowsticks looks like.


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