Top Ten Thursday: The 10 Best Rainy Day Songs



It is still Thursday, so this is still a Top Ten Thursday.  It is also spring, and thus the time for rain.  And tornadoes.  And hail.  But mostly a lot of rain.  So why not craft a soundtrack for the perfect rainy day listening experience.  As a warning, we were more literal with this particular list, instead of mood oriented, so its a bit of a hodge podge of styles.

Noticeably missing, unfortunately, is the classic Live track “Lightning Crashes”, and for that we sincerely apologize.  It’s just that nothing kills our writing mood more than any mention of placenta.  Enjoy the list.

10.  “Rain On a Highway” – Daughn Gibson

daughn gibson, gun,

You can just feel Daughn Gibson’s past as a truck driver seeping through on this song.  Headlights on. Windshield wipers beating back and forth.  Rain on the the highway.  Done deal.

9.  “Acid Rain” – Chance the Rapper

Chance the Rapper Best New Artist

Bit of a stretch throwing this frenetic lil’ fella up on the list, but its a great song and of course is all wet.

8.  “November Rain” – Guns n’ Roses


I had a feeling “November Rain” would be more polarizing among the three of us and have a hard time making the list.  In actuality, this larger-than-life ballad slid right through the vetting process and rightfully landed exactly where it deserves.

7.  “Shelter From the Storm” – Bob Dylan

picture of bob dylan, smoking, awesome

Dylan has plenty of rain-related songs.  The tone of “Shelter” was the perfect fit for this particular list though, with its lilting pace and typical Dylanesque imagery.

6.  “Dry the Rain” – The Beta Band

beta band

I had kinda forgot about this song until Wes reminded me it was on the High Fidelity soundtrack.  Memory refreshed, and thank god, because it is a great low-key rainy day song where the tone matches the title.

5.  “And it Rained All Night” – Thom Yorke

Thom Yorke's dump face

It’s always raining in Thom Yorke’s mind.  He’s the most Debbie Downer-ish musician on this list, and for that, I suppose he is deserving.

4.  “Who’ll Stop the Rain”, “Have You Ever Seen the Rain” – Creedence Clearwater Revival


CCR often goes under-appreciated here at LxL.  Perfect list to remedy that because they have not one, but two great songs concerning precipitation.  Most importantly, John Fogerty likes to ask abstract questions about the rain.

3.  “Purple Rain” – Prince

prince super bowl

“Purple Rain” may remind us more of the ocean, with wave after wave crashing against us, but it’s got “rain” in the title and is one of the best ballads of all time, so it is more than deserving of a place here.

2.  “Stormy High” – Black Mountain

black mountain

Instrumentally the heaviest song on this list, “Stormy High” doesn’t just represent rain, but a torrential downpour complete with tornadoes, hurricanes, and every other form of destruction.

1.  “Box of Rain” – The Grateful Dead

grateful dead photograph

Rainy day song, yes, but also very hopeful.  The Dead’s “Box of Rain” holds a special place in all of our hearts, as it was the very last song sung by Phil Lesh at Bonnaroo in 2006, and it started raining during the song.  A special moment capping off a very special weekend.

Just Missed

Wes:  “Rain Song” – Sunny Day Real Estate


Can’t say I’m familiar with this song, but Wes seems to think it’s a beauty, so there you are.

Todd:  “Rain Dogs” – Tom Waits

tom waits

Anything to make sure LxL’s two favorite T(h)oms are on the list, eh Todd (see Yorke above)?  Actually, per usual, Tom Waits “rain” song is just as delightful and quirky as the rest of his catalog.

Austin:  “Stan” – Eminem


The eponymous figure from Eminem’s “Stan” had the rainiest day :(

One thought on “Top Ten Thursday: The 10 Best Rainy Day Songs”

  1. “I Can’t Stand The Rain” by Ann Peebles – and lots of others? In the UK Status Quo had a song called “Rain” which rocked. And there is travis with “Why Does It Always Rain On Me?” and no doubt many others.

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