Best Movies of 2014

movies of 2014

I know what you may be thinking by the photo above, and yes, all of those movies did make our list. Now, as a brief disclaimer, there are quite a few movies this year that we have yet to see. Including the likes of Inherent Vice, Big Hero 6, 300: Rise of an Empire, etc, but the below is what we have seen from 2014, and what we feel was tops. Let us hear your qualms:

10. Horns

LxL writer Austin described Christopher Nolan’s big budget space thriller Interstellar as a “poor man’s Horns“. Note which of the two films made the list. Watch both for yourself and you be the judge.
9. Whiplash
whiplash movie poster
I went to watch some jazz drumming, I stayed for JK Simmons.
8. Lego Movie
Another adult-themed animated comedy that is also greatly entertaining for kids. In our eyes, it is one of the first animated features worthy of comparing to a Disney/Pixar flick.
7. Nightcrawler
nightcrawler movie poster
Jakey G delivers one of the creepiest performances of the year. It is like a less stylized Drive with a bit more quirk and humor.
6. Chef
chef movie poster
Some may find this one a bit underwhelming, we find it to be prepared just right. It is a movie with a sense of realism that you don’t tend to see very often in movies anymore. It also tells a great story very well. What more do you want?
5. Selma
selma movie poster
See the tragic story told from a new perspective and hate white people all over again.
4. A Most Violent Year
a most violent year
Oscar Isaac shows his teeth and gets real Godfather all over your ass. Any fan of classic gangsta romps will surely enjoy this one.
3. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Didn’t think a blockbuster sequel had enough chops to make the list? Clearly you haven’t seen DotPotA yet.
2. Boyhood
Now this one takes realism to a whole new level. The experiment was interesting, and for the first quarter or so of the movie it seemed as if it would not pay off. Luckily it does, especially thanks to the help of Ethan Hawke.
1. Birdman
Bridman was technically and visually brilliant. The score, incredible. The story and sub plots, all strikingly poignant, powerful, and profound. Plus, the acting was on another level of excellent. Shout out to Michael K. (chyea! chyea!) It felt about as near perfect as a movie gets in my opinion.
The “Just Missed Our List” List:
Wes – Calvary
calvary movie poster
Irish filmaker John Michael McDonagh recruits the very great, very underrated Brendan Gleeson to star in another drama about priests touching children. Wes likes it though.
Austin – John Wick
john wick movie poster
One basic rule in cinema: The Keanu does no wrong. Austin knows this better than anyone.
Todd – Interstellar
interstellar movie poster
What can I say, I am a poor man, and I loved Horns.


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One thought on “Best Movies of 2014”

  1. Did you guys see American Sniper? Forget all the BS about why the war was started and focus on this movie as the first great dramatic film about the Iraq War that isn’t a documentary…that being said Birdman beats Boyhood because both have a novelty but Birdman’s story and performances elevate it to a superior level.

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