Weak List Wednesday: 5 Best Live Shows of 2014


I don’t think it was the most prolific year in music for any of us.  Wes bought a house.  Todd spent six weeks in Thailand Muay Thai fighting.  And I Rip Van Winkled myself, sleeping most the year.  Nevertheless, we all were able to catch some good live music.  Let us know what your favorite show was this year.

5.  Stevie Wonder – United Center

stevie wonder gloria estefan super bowl

I’m pretty jealous of this one.  Wes got to see Stevie do Songs in the Key of Live in its entirety.  From Wes’ glowing report, it sounds as if Stevie hasn’t lost a step vocally, which is always the risk we run when seeing aging artists.

4.  The Knife – Aragon Ballroom

The Knife Musical Duo

We were all hoping we could all get together for this one, and behold, I was the missing link.  Todd and Wes were more than capable of soaking in the weird and wild fun The Knife can deliver.

3.  Beck – Pitchfork Festival

beck pitchfork festival 2014

When we all saw Beck at Bonnaroo in 2006 he was brutal.  Disjointed, sloppy and sluggish, I never thought I would have the desire to see Beck again.  After Todd and Wes’ rave reviews, I think I’m ready to see how Beck has transformed over the years.

2.  St. Vincent – Pitchfork Festival/Riviera Theatre

St. Vincent at Pitchfork

By all accounts St. Vincent was a great performer before her dalliances with David Byrne.  Afterwards, she is an animal.  Every movement is immaculately thought out and executed, making her a person that needs to be seen.

1.  Jack White – Fox Theatre/Bonnaroo

Jack White bonnaroo 2014

I wrote pretty extensively on my Jack White experience, and Todd went into his Bonnaroo trip as well.  Long story short: Jack White is the greatest living artist and performer right now.

Just Missed

Todd – Kanye West – Bonnaroo

Kanye West, new album, 2014

Todd said Kanye was an absolute madman during this show.  Angry even.  With Kanye’s checkered past at Bonnaroo, its no surprise he put on another memorable show.

Wes – Janelle Monae – Taste of Chicago

janelle-monae bonnaroo 2014

Wes has long been infatuated with the talent and live performances of Ms. Monae, so this latest electric show was par for the course.

Austin – Jason Isbell – Plush

Jason Isbell - Outlaw Country

This show was actually kind of a nightmare, due to the hillbilly crowd and tight quarters.  Still, Isbell put on a powerhouse performance.  Next time, though, I’m  paying for actual seats.


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