Everybody Gets Sump’n with Sump’n Claus

Saturday Night Live Sump'n Claus

Since this is the season, I figured I would spread some Christmas cheer. Saturday Night Live has been having a sneaky good season this year that may lack the super star like Kristen Wiig or Will Ferrell, but is one of the most consistently funny casts in a while. In the post Digital Short age of the Lonely Island, Saturday Night Live has continued to put out on a bunch of funny, catchy songs mostly penned by Jay Pharoah and the female cast members like Aidy Bryant and Cecily Strong, including “Boy Dance Party“, “(Do It On My) Twin Bed“, and “28 Reasons“. Here’s the latest unshakable tune from SNL, including a Santa that doesn’t care if you are naughty or nice, but gives cash to everyone.

Former Nickelodeon child star Kenan Thompson got a bad rap when he first came on SNL, but I’m not sure there are many cast members in SNL history that consistently improve every piece they are in like Kenan does. He just has a really funny, over-the-top energy, that improves even the worst sketches (see this week’s “Pine River Lodge” sketch). He is also consistently funny when given a chance to sing, like the “What’s Up With That” sketches that could do no wrong. “Sump’n Claus” is Kenan at his finest, looking ridiculous and singing like the character he is.

Not only is Kenan memorable in this song, this is straight-up a catchy song. The hook singing from Sasheer Zamaata and Cecily Strong is super repeatable, as is Kenan’s refrain of “Everybody’s Gettin’ Sump’n”.

I just finished Live From New York, the famous oral history book on Saturday Night Live, and it has helped me appreciate the consistently great work of this year’s SNL cast. If you love SNL, be sure “get sump’n” for yourself or a friend this Christmas and grab the updated paperback of Live From New York. Or just endlessly listen to “Sump’n Claus”.

Author: Wes

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