LxListening: Fall’s Finest ’14


With November and December usually being a dead period for new music releases, fall is really the last part of the year for big music releases, and it looks like there will be plenty worth talking about this fall. So as a quick look at some of the best stuff to come out thus far this fall and yet to come, here are five hand-selected songs for your cool and colorful fall.

Robert Plant – “Rainbow”

Robert Plant’s latest band, the Sensational Shapeshifters, are a brilliant band with a terrible name. On “Rainbow”, they lend all sorts of worldly textures and a bed of percussion for Plant to lay his gently sung love song upon.

Benjamin Booker – “Have You Seen My Son?”

Blues-punk rocker Benjamin Booker has been turning faces with his opening sets for Jack White (including our own LxLer Austin).  His appearance on Sound Opinions was especially eye-opening, revealing he comes from a conservative, military family that even to this day, want him to join the armed forces. So “Have You Seen My Son?” is Booker singing from the perspective of his Dad, but Booker fills it with defiance and meaning.

The New Pornographers – “War On The East Coast”

For a band as talented as the New Pornographers, I had grown pretty bored with them the last two albums. Brill Bruisers, their latest, injects some much needed energy and creativity into their sound. Dan Bejar, the band’s drummer who has his own outfit with Destroyer, lights a fire under the band on “War On the East Coast” mentions Stravinsky’s “Rites of Spring” on his way to the best song on Brill Bruisers.

Flying Lotus – “Never Catch Me (Featuring Kendrick Lamar)”

Flying Lotus is known for his frenetic and jazz-inflected electronic music, so it makes sense that the thoughtful, frenetic rap of Kendrick Lamar fits so well as a sample, making this song so intense, it never comes up for air.

Tweedy – “Diamond Light Pt. 1”

It’s hard to believe Tweedy’s new album still doesn’t come out for another week, since I saw the band perform these songs back in July. “Diamond Light Pt. 1” is no doubt the cream of the crop, with its driving drums, refreshing instrumental break, and Tweedy’s clouded vocals.

For more of fall’s finest, check out my 15 song Spotify playlist.

Author: Wes

Hoosier. Writer. Music Buff. Media Man. Tourist. Polar Bear.

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