Lauryn Hill Song Review: “Black Rage”

Lauryn Hill

“Black Rage”

Lauryn Hill


Lauryn Hill has been largely irrelevant for quite some time.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m a huge Lauryn Hill fan.  Obviously, Hill was great with the Fugees, and then her one solo album was universally loved.  But, can you even call what she has a career at this point?  Since The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill she has only released an unplugged album, a handful of singles, and toured very sporadically (tours which ironically price out the communities she claims to support).

But in music, talent rarely just up and disappears.  Whether an artist is being derailed by drugs, prison, self-imposed hiatus, etc., there always seems to be a little left in the tank which us fans pile hope upon hope will present itself.  “Black Rage” is one such case to make us believe.

“Black Rage” combines two of my favorite things (no pun intended):  Lauryn Hill and the melody for Roger and Hammerstein’s classic from The Sound of Music, “My Favorite Things”.  “Black Rage” is apparently not a particularly new song, as it’s been performed live by Hill since 2012, although there seem to be a few lyric tweaks to more aptly describe what’s going on specifically in Ferguson, MO and not just black America.

The production of “Black Rage” is a little rough.  Apparently she recorded it in her living room.  But there is a nice dose of atmospheric child-like noises to add to a pretty basic recording.  Also appreciated is Hill making the song her own even though it goes pretty linearly with the original.  There is plenty of Lauryn Hill meat on the bone so her personality does come through, lyrically and musically.

It’s refreshing to know this song is Lauryn Hill to her core, love her or hate her, and not just a manipulation of current events to garner attention for herself.  Hill still has a lot to say and certainly more than capable of being the giant everyone thought she would be, so now it’s only a matter of whether she wants it for herself.


4 thoughts on “Lauryn Hill Song Review: “Black Rage””

  1. You can always tell the age of the “writer” by their blatant ignorance. This person would do well to fully do some research about someone’s career and then write about it! This is truly pitiful and once again shows the lack of true talent in this generation. Ugh! Worst one of them all!

    1. Mark, what do you specifically protest to about this review? If you are going to rip someone’s writing or critique, you should at least give some reasons for it.

    2. Come on man. At least state what you disagree with. I’m guessing you don’t think I should have questioned Hill’s lack of production in her career, but really I think I was way too take in my critique. What was I ignorant about? Does Lauryn Hill have some secret underground albums I’m not aware of?

  2. She herself, calls this music “sketch ” I think this frees any professional criticism about this song.
    But for me, it’s perfect, real and exciting. For me, and for half a million people who have heard.
    As we all know, she not talk about his professional future, but you really think her career stopped there?
    Well, I think she is reclaiming her public and space to return with a new album.

    Ps.:Sorry if I wrote something wrong, I’m Brazilian, my english is not very good.

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