Jack White Show Review: July 20, 2014

Jack White

The Fabulous Fox Theatre

St. Louis, MO

July 20, 2014


I had never seen Jack White before in any of his iterations, so anyone out there that has seen him can probably understand my exhilaration seeing him for the first time Sunday.  I expected it to be wonderful for a number of reasons, including my love of his entire catalog personal accounts from others.  I guess even with soaring expectations it is still possible to be awed.

The only complaint I can imagine having after a Jack White Show is that it wasn’t a 50-song set, as opposed to his perfectly reasonable 25-song performance.  I now have an intense need to see White do a three-night stand or so, to get as much of his catalog as possible.


Still, I was able to catch two of my three favorite songs from Blunderbuss (“Love Interruption” and “Hypocritical Kiss”) as well as most of my favorite stuff from his latest, Lazaretto.  You can check out the rest of the setlist here, which included a good smattering of White Stripes stuff as well as the frenetic Dead Weather track “Cut Like a Buffalo”, which I was ecstatic to be included.

The setlist was the furthest thing from importance though, as I’m sure it is at any Jack White show.  His depth of work is incredible so a lottery picking any 25 songs would be perfection I’m sure.  What was important was of course the live performance.  Bathed in blue light, Jack White towered over everyone else on stage.  It wasn’t so much his height (although he is quite tall) though, but more the assured nature in each and every action.

There are very few artists that have this assure, almost cocky, presence on stage without seeming distant from the audience.  Neil Young is one, and funny enough one of the only other artists I have seen deliver a message to the audience to refrain from taking pictures and video.  Jack White, much like Young when I saw him, was a master on Sunday night, but also transferred a measure of warmth.  And this is why audiences love an artist, and follow them through their good times and their bad.

Seeing Jack White live convinces you he is the artist of our generation if you needed any more proof.  Seeing White live cements your attempt to catch him any time he returns to your city.  And seeing Jack White live is probably the highlight of your year in seeing live music.  What an incredible show.


Can’t Miss:  “Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground”, “Love Interruption”, “Hypocritical Kiss”, “Cut Like a Buffalo”, “Little Bird”

Can’t Hit:  none

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