Weak List Wednesday: Five Songs From Upcoming Albums

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Last week we talked a bit about our favorite albums of 2014 so far. With only half of the year under our belt, we still have a lot of new music to look forward to. Below are a few new tracks that have recently been released from artists with albums that are due out fairly soon. Listed in no particular order, here are five great new tracks from some highly anticipated upcoming albums set to be released this year.

Spoon – “Do You”

Spoon is back and about to drop a new LP on all our asses. “Do You” is the second track they have released so far from the new album, and it is even slightly better than the beloved “Rent I Pay”. Their new Dave Fridmann-produced album will be out August 5th.
Death From Above 1979 – “Trainwreck”

Remember these guys?! Well they are back together and are set to release an album in September. After a monster debut album the duo split, but this track shows why they truly belong together.
Jenny Lewis – “Just One of the Guys”

Normally Jenny’s solo stuff tends to wear on me quickly, but this song grabbed my attention right off the bat and has yet to let it go. Her new album The Voyager is due out towards the end of this month.
Grimes ft. Blood Diamonds – “Go”

I am still unsure if I love Grimes’ more dub-heavy sound from this track or not, but it is still sort of irresistible. Apparently the entire new album will sound a bit different than her previous efforts, and although a hard release date has yet to be set, we are still supposed to be getting that album later this year.
FKA Twigs – “Two Weeks”

FKA Twigs has already created quite the buzz around herself with just two EP’s under her belt. Teaming up with the mysterious avant-garde electronic producer Arca (producer on Kanye’s Yeezus) proved to be a shrewd decision that produced some promising results. In my opinion the two have/are creating some of the more interesting modern music around, whether collaborating or just on their own. It will be neat to see how both of their debut albums turn out this year. FKA Twigs’ straightforwardly titled debut album LP1 is set to release August 12. “Two Weeks” is a chilling and brilliant example of why we are so excited for her debut.

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