LxListening: RIP Death Grips


death grips retirement letter, break up
Retirement letter written by Death Grips

It was unfortunate news that came about last week when Death Grips posted on the interwebs a picture of a hand-written letter announcing their retirement as a band. Death Grips short-lived career began a few years ago in late 2010 (essentially 2011), but it wasn’t until they released two full LP’s in 2012, The Money Store and No Love Deep Web, until they really began creating a buzz nationwide. The albums were released within six months of each other, and both albums garnered a lot of praise across the board. Their highly sought after live shows were amongst the most insane and intense shows around, but quickly became controversial as they began showing up for their own shows less and less frequently. Self-described as a “conceptual art exhibition”, their music was anything but the normal brand of hip-hop or industrial punk that the band was normally categorized as. They successfully bread a new genre of music that hasn’t existed prior to their arrival to the scene. The Powers That B, their new double LP is still set for a full release later this year, but the tour they were set to embark on with Nine Inch Nails and Soundgarden (kind of a surprising bill anyways if you ask me) has been completely cancelled. Fortunately we were gifted with loads of great music in their short career span, with the second half of their newest still on the way. In tribute, below are a few of my favorites from this insane experiment that I will always love and remember. Thanks for the great art boys!
death-grips, live

“Guillotine (It goes Yah)”

Upon my first introduction to Death Grips, I wasn’t sure what to think. Plus the video creeped the hell out of me. But I kept watching it, over and over again. Then the album creeped into my rotation. Then it was all down hill from there.

“Get Got”

Probably their most popular song, and for good reason. Aspects of Death Grips remind me of what Saul Williams could have been, but fell short. I hear a lot of that in this track here.

“No Love”

Hard. Hitting. This song sums up Death Grips entire library. It’s all over the map, jumping from deep beats, to bouncy beats, and some crazy lyrics in between.

death grips

“World of Dogs”

Frantic overload. I love it.

Governmental Plates

There isn’t one song to pick from GP because it is such an ambient album. I believe to listen to it in its entirety is the best way to go.

“Black Quarterback”

We have only been given one half of the new LP The Powers That B so far, and it is entitled Ni**as on the Moon. More reminiscent of The Money Store, and my favorite album since. “Black Quarterback” is my favorite track off this side, and you can enjoy Bjork howling all over it.

“I’ve Seen Footage”

My all time favorite Death Grips song. Probably because the back story I have to go with it which involves my old roommates and I destroying my apartment to the song. Throwing each other through doors, tearing up money, and smashing glass everywhere. I don’t know for sure, but I think we would have made Death Grips proud.

That is all. RIP DG!
death grips live


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