Weak List Wednesday: Best Song of 2014 (So Far)

best songs of 2014 so far

We are now past that halfway point of 2014, and thus, it is time to look back at some of of favorite songs of the year so far. Please let us know your qualms, queries, and substitutions:

5. “Your Love Is Killing Me” – Sharon Van Etten

Sharon finds a perfect blend of raw, aggression, and passion in this fine track from her wonderful new album.

4. “Turtles All the Way Down” – Sturgill Simpson

Modern outlaw country!


3. “Coffee” – Sylvan Esso

“Supergroup” Sylvan Esso delicately teach all modern electronic artists what it means to bridge the gap between electronic and human sounds in their first single from their self-titled debut album.


2. “Blue Moon” – Beck

Beck’s 12-years-after-the-fact follow up to Sea Change couldn’t be more on-point. “Blue Moon” is a perfect example of why Morning Phase itself is one of our favorite albums of 2014.


1. “Little Fang” – Avey Tare

Sometimes a song happens to hit you just at the right time of your life for you to completely click with it. Had this song came out two years ago, it would have been fine. Two years from now, who knows. But right now its groove, and especially its lyrics resonate perfectly with the late 20’s culture of today.
The “just missed our list” list:

Todd: “Lazaretto” – Jack White

Jack White does no wrong. This song and his album of the same name display that well.


Austin: “Qere” – Trophy Scars

Here we find Austin really sticking to this whole Trophy Scars thing.


Wes: “Hot Dreams” – Timber Timbre

What this pick really comes down to, is just that Wes just wants to dance with a black woman.

Author: Todd

I dig musics ...

4 thoughts on “Weak List Wednesday: Best Song of 2014 (So Far)”

  1. Love the Sharon Van Etten song. I imagine I’m not the only person to think she sounds exactly like PJ Harvey? Sun Kill Moon’s – Carissa and Seasons (Waiting on You) by Future Islands are two of my favorites of the year that didn’t make your list. Thanks for a great blog – I depend on it to keep me up with new music (as I fixate on music from 1984 on my blog).

    1. Thanks for reading. “Carissa” was in my top ten, but with just doing the short 5 songs, it didn’t get highlighted. “Seasons” is pretty undeniable too. Your blog is pretty great. Love all the music history stuff and all the vintage videos and photos.

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