Future Review: Honest



future honest

I had started writing a review for Future’s sophomore album, and I realized while writing that the tracklisting I was working off of did not match the tracks themselves.  Somehow, the song names got all jumbled when I transferred the album to my iPhone.  Making matters worse, I transferred the 18-track deluxe edition, and I’m not sure if some of the songs are even on the proper 12-track release.  So, please bear with all the generalities as I speak about Honest.

There are enough really good bangers on Honest to cover up a lot of the bullshit.  Most shockingly, Honest survives a lot of high profile guest duds.  Andre 3000, Kanye, Wiz Khalifa, and Drake all bring their B,C,D, and F games respectively.  Not only do the songs they feature on scrape the bottom of the average bin, they just don’t meld well with Future’s drunken slur of a flow.  That’s not a slight to Future either; it is pretty unique and endearing as a whole.

Leading off the album, “Look Ahead” unfortunately sets a pace Future can’t keep up with.  It is potentially the best rap song of 2014, reminiscent of Meek Mill’s “Dreams and Nightmares” in intensity if not polish.  After the masterclass opener, Honest is intermittently really fun.  “Move that Dope” is infectious as hell, and the speed Future should be shooting for as his go-to style.  Repetition is not always a bad thing in the rap game.

Where Future flies off the rails a bit, is with his overuse of autotune.  He by no means has a silky smooth voice, but I like my rappers to sound like they just beer-bonged gravel (see ODB).  There is just too much playing around with what should work.

I look forward to hearing more from Future, as this is pretty much my introduction to him.  But, by no means do I think this is the coming out party of a definitive voice in hip hop.  Let’s wait for something a little more steady before that distinction is given out.


Can’t Miss:  “Look Ahead”, “Move that Dope”, ????

Can’t Hit: ????????????????

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