Jack White Releases Video for “Lazaretto”

jack white lazaretto video

If there is one thing that we really beat into the ground here at LxL, it is our unabashed love for Jack White and all that he does. That being said, here I am to praise another bit of Jack’s art. J. W. the III’s new album Lazaretto is due out next Tuesday (6/10), but the title track “Lazaretto” has been out for a few weeks. But today he gifted us with a video for the title track, just so he stays on our minds for the next week. Lucky for his fans, the video is just as fun and hard-hitting as the song.

There is nothing terribly crazy about the video, but it is still quite a pleasant treat. Lots of little camera tricks, shattering glass, furious animals, an even more furious drummer, and even a drag queen all shot in a beautifully cinematic black and white. It also flashes a nice bit of text, emphasizing the words in Spanish for those who do not hable Español. (I am one of those people. I cheated my way throughout all of my Spanish classes. Please don’t tell Señior Gaugel. Or Señorita Donahue.)

Much like the song, there is really nothing to dislike about the video. It is just three minutes and fifty-one seconds of pure amperage. All of the imagery is really spectacular, so be sure to hit that HD button and upgrade to 1080p. Check it out for yourself here:

Behind every great music video, there is an even great song. Here is to hoping the rest of the album follows suit.


Author: Todd

I dig musics ...

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