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Whoever says radio is dead must not have a subscription to Sirius Radio. Spending an extended amount of time in your car can sometimes be damaging to your relationship with your personal music library. Especially if you have limited space capacity on your iPhone, iPod, or in most cases, your Zune. Sometimes you need a break from the mundane predictability of your own personal library, and let someone else do the legwork of exploring new music for you. That is why after the 30-day Sirius XM trial period ended in my bitchin’ new Honda Civic that I recently purchased ended, I splurged on the $8.99/month package and let the good tunes continue to roll.

Back in my college years while cooped-up working in the depths of a Best Buy warehouse in Muncie, IN, I used to blast a little channel known as Sirius XMU (very original station name by the way). It was how I was first introduced to Animal Collective in 2006 (yes, I can admit that I did not know of AC before Feels) and Vampire Weekend in 2008. Both brought to me by XMU’s very own Jenny Eliscu (@jennylsq). Jenny is still my favorite XMU DJ, but after merging with XM, Sirius XMU (then Sirius U) absorbed Jake Fogelnest and his show that was previously on XM know as Left of Center. (I think I have that right anyways.) This only made XMU stronger, and added a variety of radio shows that feature blogs that are slightly more popular than ours such as: Hipster Runoff, Brooklyn Vegan, Gorilla Vs Bear, My Old Kentucky Blog, etc. Now, a few years after graduating college, and graduating from that terrible establishment that most certainly does not provide the best of buys, I am back to consistently listening to Sirius Radio. And when I do unplug my phone from the AUX jack, XMU is usually my “go-to”. So after that long-ass introduction, here is a selection of a few of my favorite songs that are currently on heavy rotation within the XMU playlist. If you like them, you should be sure to check out the station as well.

Parquet Courts – “Black and White”

I was first introduced to these brilliant punk-asses from XMU on year ago. One year later, they are now pushing their newest treat of an album, Sunbathing Animal.

PELL – “Runaway”
Move over Kid Cudi.


Woods – “Moving To The Left”

The track feels classic and refreshingly new all at once. I absolutely love it, and thanks to XMU, now also love a band that I should have been more familiar with for years.


Future Islands – “Seasons (Waiting On You)”

To be honest, I still can’t tell if I love or hate this song. But something about it feels weirdly nostalgic, and I don’t hate that.


Gap Dream – “Fantastic Sam”

I may be a year late on this track, but thanks to XMU I haven’t missed the boat completely.


Damon Albarn – “Lonely Press Play”

Damon Albarn needs no introduction, and neither should his new album. This is the chill new single from that album.


Hooray For Earth – “Keys”

These guys have been around for a while, but never quite seem to get the love they deserve. They don’t bring anything crazy original to the table, but are consistently good every time I come across them.


In The Valley Below – “Peaches”

Great new band. Great new song.


Jack White – “Lazaretto”

Yes, Jack White and his new track “Lazaretto” would be on this LxListening no matter what my topic happened to be this week. I am just glad XMU likes it as much as I do.

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