Todd Terje Review: It’s Album Time

Todd Terje

It’s Album Time

Todd Terje It's Album Time Review

In the streaming/music overload age, it feels rare to hear something that sounds truly fresh and exciting. Enter Norwegian electronic whiz Todd Terje. After a decade’s worth of singles, remixes, and DJ sets, Terje has decided it’s album time with his first album…It’s Album Time. Like its cheeky title, It’s Album Time is delightfully playful and a fun spring find.

Similar to Daft Punk’s Grammy-winning Random Access Memories, Terje is excavating vintage 70’s sounds and mixing them with new electronic techniques for interesting results. It’s Album opens with “Intro (It’s Album Time)”, which gives a chilly, space vibe before the bright flourishes slowly take over, leaving the more upbeat, sporadic vibe that remains for most of the album. “Leisure Suit Preben” whips around with different sounds and flavors, from baroque piano flourishes to psychedelic detours, keeping you delighted and guessing.

It’s Album Time shines brightest in its most distinct moments. “Svensk Sas” is like Salsa music on speed and synthesizers making for a real thrill ride. “Alfonso Muskedunder” similarly jumps into Latin, lounge, and electronic music, taking each to amusing extremes. The other big album changeup is “Johnny and Mary” featuring the always wonderful Bryan Ferry from Roxy Music singing a chillingly beautiful Robert Palmer cover. It’s the most sobering moment on the album but also its most stunning.

Terje finishes his debut album with a real earworm of an electronic track in “Inspector Norse”. The 7-minute groove fest is his catchiest and danciest track of the bunch, and belongs on your next dance mix for your next house party.

My only possible complaint is also the album’s greatest strength: it’s so scatterbrained.  It bounces all over the place, but in a way that is continually new and exciting to the listener.

So for your next party, It’s Album Time.


Can’t Miss: “Svensk Sas”, “Johnny and Mary”, “Inspector Norse”

Can’t Hit: none

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