LxListening: Random Pop Songs


It’s been awhile since I’ve done a LxListening.  I’ve heard a bunch of interesting (if not great) pop songs lately, and so I figured I could scrape together several of them to get out a proper LxListening.  Please note that all of these songs may not necessarily be “new”, except maybe to me.  But, at the very least, they are deserving for a few spare words from yours truly, and maybe even a few pointers on how they could be improved.  Thanks for reading, and Happy Friday.

“Say Something” – A Great Big World feat. Christina Aguilera

“Say Something” has all the makings of a great pop ballad.  The composition and base piano is flawless, and for lack of a better word, beautiful.  The choice to create a version of the song with Aguilera on back-up vocals was also smart, if not obvious.  Even the video is pretty moving.  My biggest issue with “Say Something” is that lead vocalist, Ian Axel, has a voice that is just a little thin.  In fact, I found this amateur cover video with a vocalist who I think is more suited for the material in tone and timbre.

“The Knife” – Kyla La Grange

I have no idea how I stumbled across “The Knife”, or Kyla La Grange for that matter.  I think it was one of those pop up recommendations on Youtube or something.  What I do know is I’m a sucker for sexy female pop singers.  I’m an even bigger sucker for sexy female pop singers who employ a shit-load of steel drum on a single for an upcoming album (June’s Cut Your Teeth).  “The Knife” may be a little formulaic (minus the steel drums), but it is enjoyable enough.  My recommendation for Kyla on her next music video is to experiment with more than one wildly colored wig.

“#SELFIE” – The Chainsmokers

This is part of our culture, ingrained in history forever.  Eff this.  Actually, as long is this song is supposed to be as satirical as I hope, then it is great. This is just one where I would like to know the artist’s intent, and so full judgment is reserved.

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