Tune-Yards Song Review: “Wait For A Minute”


“Wait For A Minute”

wait for a minute

I think we are all pretty excited for Merrill Garbus to drop another dose of truth after her 2011 breakout whokill.  It’s less than a month until her third proper album, Nikki Nack is to be released, so of course, it is time for several songs to be dropped to whet our collective whistles.  The latest such song is “Wait For a Minute”, produced by Malay, a major contributor on Frank Ocean’s Channel Orange. 

I have to be honest.  My first reaction is that I like by Garbus a little more “screamy”. More than that, I like my Tune-Yards less predictable.  On “Wait For a Minute” Garbus winds her way through some nicely done R&B verses just to get to a terribly annoying refrain and self-important bridge.  The subtle production changes throughout are also well done, but not enough to save the track from the obnoxious repetition.

If “Wait For a Minute” is a representation of Nikki Nack as a whole, and I’m not saying it is, then we have very little to be excited about.  My guess though, is that Garbus is trying to expand her artistic palette a bit, and will be drawing from all sorts of different styles and genres on the new album.  Usually when an artist does this, they expand too far and too wildly, but let’s give Garbus the benefit of the doubt.  At least for the next month.



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