Jack White Releases New Instrumental Track “High Ball Stepper” From Upcoming Album Lazaretto

jack white new song, high ball stepper

If you have yet to hear, Jack White really wet some whistles yesterday by randomly dropping a brand new track titled “High Ball Stepper”. Although it is apparently not the official lead single from his forthcoming album, the track is indeed going to be an actual product of Jack’s newest and bluest baby, Lazaretto. Music lovers were shocked, intrigued, and heavily satisfied all at once by this beast of an instrumental track.

jack-white_lazaretto, album cover, high ball stepper
Lazaretto (actual album cover above) is expected out June 10th.

Rumors of Jack’s new solo album have been rumored far and wide, but nothing was yet to be confirmed until yesterday. And if the fact that he announced an actual release date for the album (June 9th/10th) and a killer track both at once seemed didn’t seem satisfying enough, we even get a music video:

The video is simple enough, but the song is anything but. Though it is purely instrumental, it is littered with layers and effects that will shock and please. The many guitar layers all feature tones that are each very different from each other, bit mix into a great blend for a real face-melter of a song. If I may, I would like  to brainstorm a few descriptive labels for some tone titles in this track: “hippie-delic-psych-erella-expialdocious”, “thickfreakness”, “howler monkey”, and “classic-spastic JW3”. We also find Jack tickling a bit of ivory in “High Ball Stepper” as well, which always leads to a good time in the ear canals.

The song is a great tease for what is yet to come. The next track to be released from Lazaretto is expected later this month, which will not only be the album’s first official single, but will also be the album’s title track. As for starters go however, I could not be more pleased with this near perfect instrumental niblet we received here. Just another reason why I will be front and center for his performance at Bonnaroo this June.


Author: Todd

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