Radiohead Release New Album App: PolyFauna

radiohead app, polyfauna

Whoops! Apologies for the misleading headline, but I meant to type “App”. For some reason that just didn’t feel right when referring to a new release from Radiohead. However, as per usual, Radiohead broke new ground today with a new way to strike the fancy of their fans. PolyFauna. An app that was born from what the band decided the song “Bloom” would look like if it were a visual medium rather than a song. Here is what the ever-so wordy Thom Yorke posted on Dead Air Space, Radiohead’s website, this morning as the band’s announcement for the new app:

dead air space, radiohead, polyfauna

Short and sweet yes, but that little blip sums up the app nicely. You begin by floating about in what looks to be a world inspired by the cover art of Kid A, and set to the soundtrack of “Bloom” (which dissipates into skewed versions of the song). You are then on your own to wonder what seems to be a never-ending environment. Choose to be sucked into the little red dot, and you will immediately be transported to a new world of colors and shapes.

Overall, I feel like this app was specially designed for people who are on some sort of mind-altering substance, and want to really freak the hell out. Or maybe it was just designed to get their own imagery of the wondrous “world of Bloom” out there. I spent about 5 minutes on the app, and must say I did enjoy it, although I am not really sure why, as it serves practically zero function or purpose. Even still, I am certain I will return to it. Best I can guess is that Radiohead is somehow brainwashing all of their fans through subliminal messaging via PolyFauna. Here is what my experience looked like:

polyfauna, radiohead, app
^ Screen grabs from my first time exploring the world of the King of Limbs. It was weird.

As you can see, the visuals are pretty spectacular, and are worth checking out. And if you are a fan of King of Limbs, you certainly will not be disappointed with the soundtrack.

To be brainwashed yourself, go download the app via iTunes here!

Author: Todd

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