Weak List Wednesday: 5 Worst Olympic Themes


There is plenty to not like about the Olympics this year.  Seeing as it is a winter Olympics, the airwaves will be dominated by figure skating.  It will be tough to see much of the good stuff live.  And this year, the Olympics take place in weird, backward Russia.

The problem with Olympic theme songs is two-fold.  First, the artists chosen are typically pop junk.  Second, it would be a much better strategy to re-purpose great existing songs rather than commission artists to write brand new songs for the tradition.  These songs are all equally terrible, and the worst among the many failed attempts by the Olympic higher-ups to get hooked on an outdated tradition.    Enjoy and let us know what we missed.

5.  Bryan Adams and Nelly Furtado – “Bang the Drum”

“Bang the Drum” is like something you would hear on the downward spectrum of contemporary Christian radio.  The fact that a song this terrible was greenlit for the 2010 Olympics, and put together by such accomplished artists (yes, I love Bryan Adams) is a major fail on the part of everyone involved.

4.  Flipsyde – “Someday”

“Someday” was actually not written for the Olympics, but just hijacked by NBC for the 2006 games.  Flipsyde, whom I know from nothing besides this song, attempts an edgy but inspirational song, failing on all counts.  It is no wonder the band slip back to whence they came post-2006.

3.  Christopher Cross – “A Chance For Heaven”

1984 must have been a confusing year for the people behind the Olympic music.  Chris Cross is a lot of things, but pump up music for the athlete or the viewer is not one of his strong suits.  “A Chance For Heaven” speaks of a heaven I do not want to go to.

2.  Nikki Webster – “We’ll Be One”

Poor little Nikki Webster.  Thrust into the spotlight as a 13 year old for the 2000 Olympics, Webster delivered a saccharine musical performance for the ages.  I feel bad even ripping on a 13 year old, so I’m going to go ahead and blame everyone else in this decision making process.

1.  Celine Dion – “Power of the Dream”

Yuck.  Celine Dion is a robot.  A soul-sucking robot.  Her 1996 Olympic performance does nothing to disprove this.  If only Eric Robert Rudolph could have orchestrated his bombings in a bit more pin-point manner, we could have avoided this mess.


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