Top Ten Thursday: Most Anticipated Albums of 2014

Most anticipated music of 2014
Now that we are almost a month deep into 2014, and the dust has begun to settle on all the 2013 talk, we are ready to take a quick preview of things to come. All of these artists below are set to release albums in the upcoming year, and below are our most anticipated. As with all things in life, sometimes musical expectations just don’t meet reality. For instance, last year the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s were at #1 on the list. Then they also ended up #1 on our “Most Disappointing Albums of 2013” list as well. So as always, forgive us our blunders as they arise, and please feel free to let us know what you are excited about in 2014 as well. Onto the list:

10. Joanna Newsom
joanna newsom, new album, 2014
In 2014 Joanna will release her first album in 4 years. Now that she is married to Andy Samberg, I only hope to expect a mix of Joanna’s uniquely classical sounds blended with the nonsensical, over-produced gaudiness of The Lonely Island. Just kidding. Hopefully it is just classic, lovely Joanna.

9. Twin Shadow
twin shadow, new album, 2014
Twin Shadow is set to release his third album in four years this year. The consistently great master of modern chillwave cannot be slowed down it seems. My prediction is that after his extensive touring the past few years, many remixes done by larger musicians/DJs, and a solid base of fans built from his past two albums, this year Twin Shadow will be launched to larger heights than he has seen in his career. All, of course, as long as his third effort is as good as we anticipate.
8. EMA
ema, new album, 2014
EMA’s “Satellites” was a track released in late 2013 that we somehow missed on our “end of the year” list. However, the song belongs to her upcoming 2014 release The Future’s Void. So it is not out of the question to make our 2014 list I suppose. It’s already one of my favorite songs of the year and is a damn good sign of things to come from EMA in 2014.

7. Grimes
Grimes, new album 2014
I was surprised to find out that Grimes actually had two full albums before her 2012 breakthrough Visions. She stayed fairly low key until songs like “Oblivion” and “Genesis” began rolling out as singles. I’d expect things to get even a bit more wild on her next effort, now that she has punched through the music scene with fury, and we are heavily anticipating it.
6. St. Vincent
St. Vincent, new album, 2014
With St. Vincent’s fourth studio album, we find her doing the late career self-titled album. Sort of like a “birth in reverse” so to speak, as the first single (already released) from the album suggests. St. Vincent has become an artist that really does no wrong, and we expect no wrong from he forthcoming album.

5. Kanye West
Kanye West, new album, 2014
Even after Wes and Austin found themselves disappointed with Kanye’s 2013 effort Yeezus, they (much like I), are still heavily anticipating his next release in 2014. Quick turn-around huh? Kanye is a man that will never cease to be interesting. Everything he does, even if it is just a music video, has a way of creating such insane buzz that this man cannot be denied as being one of the biggest entertainers of our generation. Say what you will, but I also find him to be one of the best hip hop artists/producers of our generation as well, and this is why he is a highly touted artist for us in 2014.
4. Fleet Foxes
Fleet Foxes, lead singer, new album 2014
These fellas may be one fox less their fleet after the recent departure of Joshua Tillman (aka Father John Misty), but we are confident that the overall quality of their music shan’t be too affected. At least we hope. With not hearing anything new from the Foxes since 2011, it will be good to get some majestic poppy folk rock back in our lives in 2014.
3. TV On the Radio
TV On the radio, new album, 2014
Many were disappointed with TVOTR’s last effort in 2011, Nine Types of Light. I was not one of those people, but I understand where some complaints were coming from. TVOTR is another band on our list as well that has lost a member since their last album. This one (multi-instrumentalist, Gerard Smith) unfortunately due to an early death. The loss is unfortunate, and ultimately could have an impact on the band, but we are confident that TVOTR will still remain a consistent favorite of ours, and we are anxious to see what they have lined up next.
2. Robyn
Robyn, new album, 2014
If I didn’t know any better, I would think Robyn is still 15 years old, with her bright and bouncy stage presence, and her voice that still sounds as sweet as her first record. The thing that gives it away that she is not the innocent teenager she was when she first began her career, is the way her music and lyrical content has developed over the years. She is now one of the better female dance-pop artists out there, and after her phenomenal last effort with Body Talk, we are extremely excited to see what she comes up with next.
1. Beck
Beck, new album, 2014
Beck is an artists that is essentially beloved by all. His knowledge of music and the way he has intertwined all genres into his work makes him accessible by all. The proof will certainly be in the pudding in 2014 as he is set to release two separate albums. The first of which is Morning Phase, to be released Febuary 25th. For Morning Phase, Beck brought back a lot of the same personnel that worked on one of his most praised albums, Sea Change. He has also been quoted saying that it is a proper followup to the 2002 album itself. The new single “Blue Moon” already promises us that we will not be let down. His second effort is to be released independently. Beck described this album as more of a follow up to his last 2008 release, Modern Guilt. My guess is that this album will include some of the three songs he sprinkled out in 2013, including my favorite “Gimmie”, but there has been no official word yet on what the album will include. One thing is for certain however, and that is that we at LxL are extremely excited for both.
The “just missed our list” list:

Austin – Dr. Dre’s Detox
dr. dre, detox, new album, 2014
It is hard to get it through Austin’s thick skull that Dre is too busy peddling his shitty headphones and doing commercials for Dr. Pepper to actually sit-down and finish his long awaited follow up to The Chronic 2001. Maybe one day he will accept that this just is not going to happen, but as of now, he isn’t ready to face facts.
Todd – Liars
liars, new album, 2014
Liars seems to usually be a very under-appreciated band in my book. One thing I love about these guys is that you really never know what to expect from them, and this upcoming album is no different. But all the same, I am super horny for it.
Wes – Spoon
spoon, new album, 2014, band
Spoon is a band that has never really released a bad album. They have had some that seem to be a bit more beloved than others, but never really anything bad. Wes loves a good consistent band, and is looking forward to another solid effort from this solid band.

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