Beck Releases New Single “Blue Moon” from Upcoming Album

“Blue Moon”
Beck-Morning-Phase, album cover, art, blue moon

We heard a small snippet of Beck’s newest single “Blue Moon” in his album preview video in which they cut the first vinyl of Beck’s upcoming album, Morning Phase. It was just a short minute and a half snippet of the song, but it immediately resonated as an instant Beck classic. Now Beck has released the full version of the song, and the initial love for the track that was seeded in our hearts with the preview has only grown.

After Beck’s last release in 2008 with Modern Guilt, we have only seen glimpses of the mysterious musician. He did some collaborations here and there, helped contribute to the wonderful soundtrack to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, and of course released his brilliant song reader project last year. He also began sprinkling out a few tracks throughout 2013, none of which will be on this album however, but possibly a second album he plans on releasing independently within the year.

Due to the melancholic nature and the jangly sounds of the single (and also due to the fact that he hired back a lot of the same crew that worked on Sea Change), I would say it’s safe to say that we may be getting a bit of a Sea Change Pt II with Morning Phase. Which I am sure you will be hard pressed to find complaints about.

The album, Morning Phase, is due our February 25th, and here is the wonderful first single from it, “Blue Moon”:

In case you missed the initial “album preview”, you can check that out here:

Expect more from us on Beck’s new album this February.

Author: Todd

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