LxListening: Cleaning Up


With our “End of the Year” lists now completely wrapped-up for 2013, I can’t help but feel like a few acts were unrightfully snubbed completely from our artists, albums, and songs lists. This is natural since we clearly can’t just list everything we like, and with three of us voting, we also won’t all be voting on the exact same things. So for this week’s LxListening I thought I would list some of my honorable mentions from 2013 that didn’t get much pub from us in our end of the year lists, but are still being consistently played by myself. So without further ado, in no particular order, here is my attempt to clean up some of my list misses from 2013:

King Khan and the Shrines – “Born To Die”

King Khan and the Shrines are quite an interesting and eclectic bunch. Their 2013 effort Idle No More seems to be their best attempt at imitating fellow contemporaries and friends The Black Lips. Although the album does have some down spots here and there, it also has some gems such as this opening track to the album here.

Polica – “Chain My Name”

Justin Vernon’s favorite band did it again with their follow up to last year’s debut, Give You the Ghost, but yet again, the album seemed to be overlooked by many. This catchy opening track to the album did as well unfortunately.


Daughn Gibson – “Kissin’ On The Blacktop”

I am surprised that Daughn was left off all our lists this year, seeing as how we all seem to like him quite a bit. Me Moan was a very solid second effort from the extreme baritone, and this little rockabilly delight is a prime example of why.


Sleigh Bells – “Sing Like A Wire”

Classic Sleigh Bells with this track here, and I couldn’t love it anymore. In my mind, Sleigh Bells always reigns in a bit under appreciated. Their unique sound is always fun and they never seem to drop a bad track.


Blood Orange – “You’re Not Good Enough”

Dev Hynes has taken on many different roles and monikers in music over the past few years, but he has now seemed to find his niche with Blood Orange. Although at times he seems to be retooling some of his own beats that he produced for Solange last year, it still doesn’t change the fact that his songs are infectious, sexy, and really quite cool.


Ghostface Killah – “Blood On The Cobblestones”

Ghostface’s Twelve Reasons to Die was a brilliant and extremely cinematic (probably because it was actually based off of a movie) concept album that was short and sweet. It also proved to be one of my favorite tours of 2013. The album was largely curated by Adrian Younge, but Ghostface’s potency still dominates the album. “Blood On the Cobblestones” is one of the hardest hitting tracks on the album, and was sadly overlooked by many this year.


Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “So Good At Being In Trouble”

UMO’s sophmore album II was overlooked by many this year. Maybe it had something to do with the fact that it came in the second week of January in 2013, but anyway you look at it, it’s a shame this low-fi psych rockers got the shaft.

For a full playlist of these songs, and a few more we missed from 2013, click here!


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