LxListening: So 2000 and Late (Part 2)

LxListening iconyou're so 2000 and late
This time of year, everyone (including us at LxL) are terribly obsessed with creating “end of the year lists”. Not only is it a fun topic of conversation and heated debate, but I also think it is appropriate because it is a good way to categorize eras of music. However, part of me always has a problem with the rush of the “end of year lists”. With the amount of music that comes our way in a year these days, it is hard not to miss a few things here and there. This is why last year I posted a LxListening reflecting on the songs of the year prior. For this year I am going to stick with the concept, but switch to albums. These are all albums that are now staples of mine. They have made my “go to” list of albums that will forever be tagged in my library as favorites, yet last year at this time, I’d hardly even listened to them (or in some cases, had not listened to them at all). In no particular order:
Death Grips – The Money Store
death grips - the money store
The fact that this album was not even on my radar last year is almost depressing to me. Since really discovering The Money Store this past spring, it has been a staple for me in many moods and atmospheres … especially ones that involve extreme thrashing of any kind.

^ My “now favorite” track of 2012

Jessie Ware – Devotion
In recently discussing our favorite new artists of 2013 I found myself pulling for Jessie until a fellow LxL member kindly reminded me that I was an idiot and her album actually debuted in 2012. Although it missed my list last year, it has received more rotations than about half of the albums that did make my list in 2012.
Schoolboy Q – Habits & Contradictions
Schoolboy Q - Habits & Contradictions
Schoolyboy Q had tracks off this album that I voted for making our top 20 tracks of 2012 (specifically he and A$AP’s hit “Hands On The Wheel”), however that is about all he was to me, a few great tracks. It wasn’t until this year I actually dove into the other 17 tracks on Habits & Contradictions and realized how great this somewhat young rapper truly is.
Bat For Lashes – The Haunted Man
I was always on board with Bat For Lashes’ third album, but it wasn’t until this year that it really began hitting me how great the album is. If I were to redo my list from last year, this would probably sneak its way into my top ten.
Solange – True
I am disappointed in myself for going so many years of my life not knowing that there was another Knowles in this world other than Beyonce (which I just realized I should at least mention the little gift to the world Beyonce surprised us with today here). However, after discovering the beautiful younger Knowles I have fallen in love with her music and been lucky enough to see her live twice in 2013, with her live cover of Dirty Projectors “Stillness Is The Move” being one of my top concert moments of the year.

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