Watch/Interact With Bob Dylan’s Video For “Like A Rolling Stone”

Bob Dylan
“Like A Rolling Stone”

Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone Video

In 1965 Bob Dylan released “Like A Rolling Stone” as a single from his album Highway 61 Revisited. The song instantly created a buzz and was considered to be a very controversial pick as a single. Clocking in at six minutes and thirteen seconds, it was one of the longest pop singles to ever be released. Not only that, but this was the first time the mass public had heard Bob Dylan in his new electric format on a full LP rather than his traditional acoustic/folk. His die-hard fans may have been irate, but the move proved successful as Bob Dylan was able to garner a larger fan base and put out an album that is widely regarded as his best work ever. And not only that, but many (even the almighty Rolling Stone magazine) dean “Like A Rolling Stone” to be the greatest rock songs of all time. Now a mere 48 years later, the infamous song finally gets a music video. And what type of video does one of the greatest songs of all time warrant? Well one of the greatest music videos of all time of course.

That claim may seem like an exaggerated statement, especially because at this day and age who could really create a music video that is really that original anymore anyways right? Bob Dylan, Interlude Studios, and Vania Heymann (Director), that’s who. The video is a totally original masterpiece. It allows the viewer to interact and watch whichever form of the music video he or she wants to watch. Setup as a typical television menu guide. The annoying habit of channel surfing makes the video all the more interesting. As you sift through everything from The Price is right, to ESPN, Pawn Stars, and various news channels, everyone on screen is contributing to the music video. You aren’t bound to any one performance either. In fact if you would simply like to watch Danny Brown perform the entire song just post-up on channel 122.

Danny Brown, bob dylan, video, Like A Rolling Stone
^Danny Dylan

Well enough of me explaining the video, go experience it and enjoy it for yourself. The video came out a little over two weeks ago, so we are playing catch-up covering it now, but if you have it seen it yet, get ready for a treat. Check it out here: Bob Dylan’s Epic Video for “Like A Rolling Stone”

Song Rating: 10/10

Video Rating: 10/10


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