LxListening: Fall’s Finest Tracks


LxListening's Finest Fall Tracks: M.I.A.

It’s been a surprisingly busy fall in terms of new music releases, and with a three-man crew, we have been unable to cover all the notable releases this fall. So in order to make up ground, I figure I would highlight five of my favorite tracks from this fall. So without further ado, here are some of my fall recommendations.

M.I.A. – “Come Walk With Me”


The Sri-Lankian rapper may have had her album delayed several months, but when it finally arrived, it is a nice reminder of what makes her so special. “Come Walk With Me” is the album’s finest track, with the song starting as M.I.A.’s most sunny track before it suddenly goes schizophrenic and double-speed in its second half, making for one wild ride.

Polica – “Chain My Name”


Polica is a band I got quite excited about early last year with the release of their debut Give You The Ghost. This fall came their follow-up Shulamith, and while not being a huge departure from their debut, the album reveals enough new elements to their sound to make it exciting. “Chain My Name” opens up Shulamith with a slinky of a synth hook, a plucky bass line, and Channy Leaneagh’s silky smooth auto-tuned vocal.

Son Lux – “Lost It To Trying”


With Sufjan Stevens being fairly out of commission since the release of his pioneering electronic epic Age of Adz, someone had to fill the role of indie composer/multi-instrumentalist/creative genius. Enter Son Lux. His new album, Lanterns, is by far his best with “Lost It To Trying” being the most fascinating track. The song’s spastic arrangement and gang vocal become more and more interesting upon each listen.

King Krule – “Easy Easy”


19-year-old Londoner Archy Marshall, aka King Krule, has been releasing music since he was 15, and with his first full-length studio album finally hitting this fall, there should be lots of excitement ahead from this songwriting prodigy. “Easy Easy” is pretty much him and his electric guitar but with Krule’s singular voice and the driving tension, the song soars despite Krule’s clear anguish.

Zola Jesus – “In Your Nature” from Versions

Zola Jesus is opera-trained singer Nika Danilova, whose huge booming voice has coupled with numerous gothic electronic synths that are powerful though a bit overbearing. Her latest album, Versions, are acoustic/stringed versions of her songs, and I find these arrangements far more moving than her previous work.

For more of my favorite songs from this fall, check out my 15 song Spotify Playlist.

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