LxListening: Technologic Pt. 2

Indie Electronic Music Playlist

Here is our second installment of electronic music highlights picked by guest writer, my brother, Brad Jakacki. Click here if you missed part 1.

Factory Floor- “Two Different Ways”

One of the best tracks off of the DFA London trio’s self titled debut LP.  Also, the guy in the video’s got a lot of energy.


DJ Rashad- “Rollin”

Hyperdub’s Chicago-based DJ Rashad is a creative blend of house, dubstep, and drum and bass topped with a soulful vocal loop.


Four Tet- “Parallel Jalebi”

Kieran Hebden’s leadoff single and best track off of his new Beautiful Rewind LP blends angelic vocals over repetitive machine-gun bass.


Synkro- “Acceptance”

I just wish that people could accept each other for what they are on the inside.


Glass Candy- “Warm In the Winter”

My favorite Italian’s Do It Better artist at their finest (well, tied with Chromatics).  The lead-off track from the record label’s After Dark Volume 2 compilation.



Author: Wes

Hoosier. Writer. Music Buff. Media Man. Tourist. Polar Bear.

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