LxListening: Technologic Pt. 1

Indie Electronic Playlist

Across the board in the music industry, electronic music is growing like wildfire, spreading its influence into indie, rock, hip hop, R&B, and even jazz. So to help cover this tremendous trend, I asked my brother Brad, an indie electronic aficionado, to give five of his favorite electronic tracks from the past year. In return, he gave me ten tracks, so I have split his choices into two posts, with the next five coming next Friday. So without further ado, I will turn it over to him.

Rustie- “Slasherr”

Scottish producer Rustie’s latest single is a hard-hitting mix of handclaps, hip-hop bass, and sharp synths.  It’s signature Rustie sound and one of my favorite tracks of his.


Ital Tek- “Hyper Real”

UK electronic musician Ital Tek’s lead track off his latest EP comes off as a colorful, rapid-fire rollercoaster assault.


Clarian & Guy Gerber- “Claire”

Montreal’s Clarian, one half of Footprintz, teams up with Guy Gerber to write a layered, synth-pop, house-infused first single.


Kidnap Kid- “Vehl”

An infectious track by another English producer/songwriter that was awarded iTunes US’s Best Electronic Song of last year. 


Sophie- “Bipp”

Mysterious UK producer Sophie’s “Bipp” is a deeply original, electronic pop masterpiece.  It may sound bizarre at first, but it will grow on you with each subsequent listen.


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