LxListening: I Don’t Like It Unless It’s Brand New

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The irony in the title of course is that the song “Brand New” by Rhymefest ft. Kanye West is now almost five years old. Nonetheless, here are some of my favorite actual new tracks for your weekend that have all been getting some heavy play time in my headphones lately:

Sleigh Bells – “You Don’t Get Me Twice”

In full disclosure, this isn’t my first pick of songs from the new album. However, it is still a great track and seems to be the only song in which I can find a proper link from the new album Bitter Rivals other than the track “Bitter Rivals”. An album in which I have been just reveling in this past week. So here we are. Thrash!


Cults – “High Road”

Another great snippet from the upcoming album Static, which you can now stream in full on NPR.


Danny Brown – “Lonely”/”Clean Up”

The high point on Danny Brown’s new album Old for me (aside from he and Schoolboy Q’s “Dope Fiend Rental”) is when Danny actually slows down and gets seriously sincere for a moment in these back-to-back tracks. It shows the other side of Danny in a sound that really works well for him, and may surprise those who haven’t heard it before.


Yuck – “Middle Sea”

More noise-pop from the newest 90’s alternative band of the post 2010’s. Yuck is truly a throw back from the early Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr., My Bloody Valentine era and they pull it off so well you wouldn’t ever guess they weren’t a band that spanned from 1985-1995.


Lorde – “Royals”

This song has truly blown up everywhere lately, but it is totally warranted. Not only is her voice incredible and her minimalist xx’esque type sound very well executed, but her the lyrics to this song (as well as most of her others) are a poignant reality check for how God-awful our focus as a society has become. As well as how stupid modern celebrities/musicians/rap artists are for glorifying wealth and fame to the max, as they do. This girl is 16 and she realizes that! How does half of American society not? Anyways, enjoy the track, listen to its message, and get a hold of her brilliant new album Pure Heroine, in which she proves to be music’s newest and youngest heroine. Also, be sure to check out this track that garnered a rare 11/11 here at LxL.

Author: Todd

I dig musics ...

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