Lorde Review: “Love Club”


“The Love Club”

the love club

Before Lorde’s debut album, Pure Heroin, blows up, I thought it might be good to go back and give some attention to her best song to date.  No, it’s not “Royals”, which is pure infectious fun.  Instead, the title track off of her EP The Love Club stands as her finest offering to date, and see as it is not going to be included on her full-length debut, I wanted to sing its praises before it fades into the ether.

Much like on “Royals”, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with by now, “The Love Club” leans on simplicity to highlight the sixteen year old vocalist.  Periods of pure vocals and silent accompaniment allow Lorde’s pristine vocals to shine.  The vocals combined with the lyrics that are clearly from a very young person, but not immature, make the song a real winner.

How this track never gained much traction compared to “Royals” is a puzzler, and seems like a failure on the part of the marketing behind Lorde, which is ample at this point.  Either way, listen to this as preparation for Pure Heroin, and hopefully I’ll have a review of that for you all next week.


2 thoughts on “Lorde Review: “Love Club””

  1. So I bought her whole album and fell in love with Tennis Court more than any of the other songs. And I wanna be that psycho hipster who just hates all of the main streamers who only like Royals.

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