The YouTube Music Video Awards: Why Not?

YouTube Music Video Awards

Music awards and ceremonies these days have become nothing short of a joke. Grammy’s: worthless garbage. MTV VMA’s: maybe if this was still the 90’s. American Music Awards: is that really even still a thing? In my opinion, if we consumers really need our music taste validated by some worthless award ceremony it should at least be one that eliminates all political or monetary persuasion, and is not restricted to the grip of big label entertainment. Enter the first YouTube Music Video Awards. Sound gimmicky? It more than likely will be. The performance lineup already looks stupidly similar to a Grammy’s bill. The artists so far include Eminem, Lady Gaga, and Arcade Fire, who judging by their horrific SNL performance last saturday, will likely be the worst of the three always over-hyped acts. So what edge DOES the YouTube Music Video Awards actually have that might make it worth watching? Let’s explore:

1. User/Fan Voting – From what I understand, all the voting will supposedly to be done by anyone who would like to participate. Now although this normally just turns into a popularity contest and Miley Cyrus will still most likely win any/all of the awards possible, with the depth of material on YouTube, this does have the opportunity for real backfire. Which could prove hilarious. It also gives opportunity for groups like Y.N. RichKids to get the recognition they deserve.

^Gets my vote!

2. Freedom – Of course the event will have sponsors and endorsements, but it is being broadcasted on…surprise: YouTube. They can essentially do what they want, and should be able to pull together a surprisingly original show rather than just a typical run-of-the-mill awards ceremony.

3. Directed by Spike Jonze – The simple fact that they do have arguably the best music video director there has ever been/one of the better contemporary film directors alive running the show basically ensures that we are in for something interesting. The man essentially does no wrong, and for him to attach his name to a project like this, he must have some fun tricks up his sleeve. Quote Spike, “The idea is let’s get a bunch of interesting artists together and have a night that’s all about making things.” Sounds like a good time, if all goes off without a hitch.

Spike Jonze, youtube awards
YouTube’s New Creative Director, Spike Jonze

So I guess we will see on November 3rd what YouTube and Spike come up with. The event will be partially pre-recorded and partially broadcast live from Pier 36 in New York. My interest is peaked, but I think it is still safe to be skeptical on what good will actually come of the event. Here is the promo video starring this year’s host, Jason Schwartzman:

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