LxListening: All Things New

Beck, New Music, gimme, Holy Ghost!

I know what you may be thinking/hoping, but no, this is unfortunately not a short playlist dedicated to the christian contemporary-Americana-folk-southern pop band (as they are described on their Wikipedia page) All Things New. This is in fact a short playlist dedicated to the bits of something new from the past week. We have all been gifted a nice latter year surplus of great albums and songs lately, and here are a few of my favorites from those recent drops (or in some cases, about to be dropped). I hope you enjoy:

CHVRCHES – “Tether”

CHVRCHES’ highly anticipated debut album officially releases next week, and here is what I consider to be the best track on the album. From the slow build up, to the epically great M83-esque breakdown toward the end, this tracks perfectly displays the depths of what this band can do and why they are easy to fall in love with.

Elvis Costello & The Roots – “Wise Up Ghost”

“Wise Up Ghost” is one of the stronger reaches off of the collaborative album of the same name. This track isn’t quite instantly accessible as some of the others, but give it a minute to warm up to you and you will fall in love. Watching it live makes me certainly hope this collaboration will be touring together.


Holy Ghost! – “Dumb Disco Ideas”

8+ minutes of solid ass shaking!


Beck – “Gimme”

Beck’s third release since June is my favorite thus far. It is also probably his strangest, but I tend to enjoy a little of the weirder side of Beck. The drums are piled in stacks on stacks on stacks, reminiscent of a few tracks on Modern Guilt, but it is still unique to it’s own new variety. I for one love it, and hope that more is new album is focused around this percussive gem.


Joanna Gruesome – “Anti-Parent Cowboy Killers”

Thanks to NPR, Joanna Gruesome is now high on my radar. The debut effort from these grungy noise rockers came out ten days ago, and I am pissed it took me nine days to find it. They aren’t the typical female led garage pop bands that have been filtering out lately (eh-hem, Best Coast) that are typically filled with more boredom than excitement. These are garage rockers with some serious kick behind them. The studio version of this song is great but is hard to find a direct link to at the moment. So here is the live version that makes me want to get to a show of theirs in a hurry. For more details on the band and another snippet of more music check out their soundcloud page here.

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