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LxListening: run the jewels, tv on the radio, death grips, earl sweatshirt, pulp
It happens to us all. Generally there are always a few albums at a time that are on heavy rotation for me, but every now and then, my attention span can’t reach outside a few tracks that I am obsessing over at the time. This past week has certainly been one, that for whatever reason, a few select tracks have reigned paramount out of my library than all others. For some this has been the case for a while. Others are brand new. But no matter the case, this is what I have been recently obsessed with.

TV On The Radio – “Million Miles”

In my book, TV On The Radio does no wrong. I have been loving the little snippets of new material that the band has been playing/releasing slowly to the public for the past few months and “Million Miles” (dropped fresh this week) stands true as my favorite pre-release thus far. It is a slow and steady masterpiece. The falsetto is in full affect and the mood is set to slow dance through this perfect new tune.


Death Grips – “I’ve Seen Footage”

Death Grips had a big year in terms of released material in 2012, but it wasn’t until 2013 until it really began to soak in for me. Seeing them live certainly escalated my love for this tripped out punk-rapper, but I still can’t get over how intensely great most of their studio stuff is as well. This is my favorite track of theirs, and a minimum twice a day play for me.


Earl Sweatshirt ft RZA – “Molasses”

Another track that is fresh to the scene. This track instantly caught my attention upon my first listen to Earl’s new album, and my attention has not been directed otherwise since. Something about the way the track jump starts into itself immediately grabbed my attention. It then follows through with its very classic-sounding back track which is wonderfully juxtaposed against some very hard-hitting lyrics for Earl and RZA. It’s my favorite track off the album, and one of my favorite hip hop songs of the year.


Run the Jewels ft Big Boi (El-P and Killer Mike) – “Banana Clipper”

If you follow us closely at LxL you have heard me lose my shit over this album more than a few times now. The album is still being played 4-5 times a week through my headphones and this song in particular is one that I just cannot seem to get over. More than likely because it is combining the sounds of my favorite modern hip hop artist (El-P) with one of my favorite classic hip hop artist (Big Boi) and is glued together by the one and only Killer Mike, who just happens to shine his brightest when accompanied by either one of the previous two gentleman I just mentioned. In this track he is accompanied by both!


Pulp – “Bar Italia”

After starting things off on a slow note, I figured it might be best to work our way out of this petite playlist in the same fashion. I am not sure if it’s my upcoming trip to Italy or the fact that rumors of new Pulp material has been mildly circulating the past few months now (probably the combination of both), but I have been obsessed with this track recently. Pulp is a band that should be considered much more valuable than they seemingly are in my opinion. Here is a random throwback track from the mid-ninties to remind us all why.

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