Nine Inch Nails Song Review: “Copy of A”

Nine Inch Nails

“Copy of A”

hesitation marks

Time for another entry in my bi-monthly Nine Inch Nails watch leading up to the release of Hesitation Marks on September 3.  A couple months ago I took a look at lead single “Came Back Haunted” and came away less than impressed, but still hopeful Hesitation Marks would turn out to be the triumphant return of Trent Reznor’s most celebrated musical project.  I think with the release of “Copy of A”, we can raise our expectation level a bit and trust we’ll get a solid product in a few weeks time.

“Copy of A” is by no means the perfect NIN track.  But if you’re patient and invest, the track becomes increasingly more rewarding.  I think the slow start is by design as it allows the changes in structure and sound devices to be more alarming before fading back into the refrain.  Trent Reznor’s latter-career work as NIN has often been described as “paranoid” in form and substance, and “Copy of A” is no exception.  As you listen to the track, you can’t help but imagine a music video where someone is fleeing something, finding new terrors around every turn.  No time to take a breath, no place to hide, Reznor’s latest is coming for you.

This is a marked improvement over “Came Back Haunted”.  And while it may not be particularly groundbreaking, it is exhilarating.  Here’s to hoping I can scrounge up $120 to get on the floor and see this one live in a couple months.  Donations accepted.


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