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Best Music Podcasts

Having recently attended a live taping of the wonderful Chicago-based music podcast Sound Opinions, I thought it might be a good idea to use my Friday playlist slot to tout some music podcasts, since podcasting really helps fill out my week. I will say considering podcasts are a listening medium, there are nowhere near as many great music podcasts as comedy (which Austin gave a list of last year), news, and other categories, but alas, I still have five great ones for this list. Also there are several great podcasts that talk about music as well as other pop culture, but I decided to stick with 5 straight up music podcasts.

Sound Opinions

Sound Opinions Best Music Podcasts

Why listen? Because Greg Kot and Jim Derogatis, who are essentially the Siskel and Ebert of Chicago music criticism, lend excellent perspective on music new and old, and humanize criticism by opening themselves up to listener’s feedback on the air.

Best episode so far this year: Show #389: Tame Impala Interview, Savages Review


All Songs Considered           

All Songs Considered Best Music Podcasts


Why listen? What I appreciate about what is perhaps the best known music podcast is Bob Boilen and company are totally open and unpretentious in there appreciation of music (essentially the antithesis of New York Times’ Popcast).

Best episode so far this year: Bryan Ferry as Guest DJ going through his influences and own favorites.


Rock Solid

Rock Solid Best Music Podcasts

Why listen? Two standup comedians, Pat Francis and Gary Lucy, talk about music in a very playful and comical way. The show especially works since the both individuals sport near very different music tastes (Pat Francis being a classic rock junkie and Gary Lucy being an aged hipster) and the shows have playful themes like “Boys and Girls” (songs with boy and girl in the title) and “Sweet Nothings” (songs about candy).

Best episode so far this year: The “Blank” Song


TEDTalks Music

Ted Talks Music Best Music PodcastsTed Talks Music Best Music Podcasts

Why listen? TEDTalks have pretty much become an empire, but in terms of music, these episodes air pretty infrequently. But when they do, these musician presentations are always informative and fascinating.

Best episode so far this year: Amanda Palmer: The art of asking


The LIST Music Podcast

The List Music Podcast Best Music Podcasts

Why listen? If you are like John Cusack in High Fidelity and love lists, this is the podcast for you. Four friends take turns making their top five of any variety of subjects, from best wedding songs to the best songs to cheer you up.

Best episode so far this year: The Soundtrack of Your Life


The Rock Renaissance

The Rock Renaissance Podcast

Why listen? Music junkie and occasional LxL guest writer Alex Thompson brings an hour of rock essentials every week, including several wonderfully themed shows.

Best episode so far this year: The Quiet Beatle

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