LxListening: Rainy Road Trips

rain on the windshield

As a last minute road trip from Chicago to PA happened upon a friend and I yesterday, it gave me ample time for some good listening this week. What was also fun was playing some tracks for my friend, and hearing her reaction and preferences to them. Here were some of my and her favorites from a pool of some recent releases that also helped fit the mood of a rainy day on the road.

Baths – “Miasma Sky”

Baths’ bright tunes and dark lyrical undertones were the perfect combination for a rainy, but fun 6+ hour drive.


Daft Punk – “Doin’ It Right”

“Doin’ It Right” it a mutual favorite of Tami and I’s from the new album. Everybody will be dancing when you’re feeling it right.


Boards of Canada – “Cold Earth”

Ambient music is great on long drives. Perfect for sitting quietly in introspective moments, or for talking over and still having something playing in the background that isn’t disrupting.


Sigur Ros – “Kveikur”

The title track from these Icelandic wonder musicians is one of my favorites of the new album.


Kanye West – “Black Skinhead”

Not surprisingly, the hard-hitting full-forced “Black Skinhead” was Tami’s favorite track from Yeezus after her first time listening to the album yesterday.


Yeah Yeah Yeahs – “Maps”

Yeah, this is nothing new, but as with any road trip “Maps” is a staple. It was also in honor of the fact that we will be seeing the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s live this Saturday.

Author: Todd

I dig musics ...

4 thoughts on “LxListening: Rainy Road Trips”

  1. Best music on a road trip ever! Such a fun post and I noticed you revised the last one…nice work. :) I feel like I need to give honorary mention to Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright because I’m still kind of dying over it!

  2. Hey there, hope the weather is better now? ;) Thanks for the post, did not know baths before, great music!
    Have a nice weekend.
    May the force be with you,

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