M.I.A.’s New Track: “Bring The Noize”

“Bring The Noize”
MIA, Bring The Noize

M.I.A.’s new album that was supposedly due out in April, has been shelved by the studio once again. Apparently the album she turned in was a bit too positive. (Too positive? Is that a thing?) So in an attempt to maintain M.I.A.’s controversial demeanor, the studio thinks it needs to be reworked to be able piss people off again. In the meantime however, she did drop this little gem last week. It’s a fast-paced, spastic freak out track that has me wishing she was just able to drop the album already. Here, listen for yourself:

Th fact that this album that was supposed to be available for the summer is still being held back is a bit of a travesty. This song screams summer, and I’m sure the rest of the album will feel similar. Come fall, people aren’t going to be ready for Matangi, they are going to want Nine Inch Nails, 20/20 Experience Part 2, and The Black Keys. Hopefully she is still able to make her presence known regardless. I guess if the album keeps at the pace of “Bring The Noize” it will be hard for it to be overlooked.


Author: Todd

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One thought on “M.I.A.’s New Track: “Bring The Noize””

  1. I don’t have a very good feeling about this oft-postponed release of the album. There seems to be way too much mucking around – I’ve prepped myself up for a disappointment after waiting for so long

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