LxListening: Odds and Ends 2.0

Odds and Ends 2.0 playlist

Around this time last year, I did an odds and ends playlist of just random music I was listening to, and this year you get the same. It seems this time early in the year, there usually isn’t a ton of releases and because of this, I try to use this time of year to explore some older artists I haven’t had a chance to. So without further ado, here are five songs that have really struck me this past month.

Bryan Ferry Orchestra – “Virginia Plain”

Listen to this…


and now this:


If you don’t think this is awesome, you have a traumatic brain injury. Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music has taken 13 songs from his career (Roxy Music and solo) and reinvented them as 20’s swing jazz songs on The Jazz Age. On occasion, someone else will reinvent an artist’s music like with Radiodread, which was reggae renditions of Radiohead songs, but I can’t think of a time an artist has reinvented his own songs to such extremes. Cool stuff.

Stereolab – “The Noise of Carpet”


If you are like me, Stereolab is one of those bands you always hear referred to but you have never actually heard. I decided to change that this year, and have been pleasantly surprised with how much I have enjoyed their music. The London indie rockers have spanned a variety of genres from Krautrock, to ambient pop, to lounge music. “The Noise of Carpet” is a crunchy 3 minutes of space rock for all to enjoy.

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – “Carry Me”


I have turned into a bit of a Nick Cave nut in the past month, and have been pushing fellow LxLer Todd to dive into Cave’s catalog since he is essentially Tom Waits as an English major, and Todd is a Tom Waits nut.  “Carry Me” shows Nick Cave’s extremely tasteful use of gospel choirs and his exquisite band, which perfectly supports Cave as he repeatedly pours his guts out to the listener.

Harry Belafonte – “Jerry (This Timber Got To Roll)”


I’ve been listening to 40’s and 50’s popular music this year since it’s an era I was less familiar with, and Harry Belafonte’s music can often be a bit saccharine but “Jerry (This Timber Got to Roll)” is pure fun for the listener. The playfulness of Harry and his backup singers reminds me of more dramatic doo-wop approach.

FaltyDL – “She Sleeps”


My older brother Brad is a huge fan of electronic music, and I am not able to take on everything he gives me, but FaltyDL is one artist I have been able to get into. “She Sleeps” is just super smooth and infinitely listenable: it just sort of glides effortless across the floor as if it isn’t even there.

For more of my odds and ends, check out my 15 song Spotify Playlist.

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