Top Ten Thursday: Best Nine Inch Nails Songs

Nine Inch Nails, best songs, new tour, reunion

After a hiatus of nearly 4 years, (Has it really already been four years?!) Trent Reznor announced this week that he and a new lineup of all stars will be bringing Nine Inch Nails back to life for a 2013-2014 world tour. (Pause for applause.) If there is one thing we love here at LxL it is our NIN, so we were quite excited to hear this news. Reznor has proven to still show value to the music community in his time off from Nine Inch Nails, especially in the cinema soundtrack world – Reznor teamed up with Atticus Ross to create the scores for The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and The Social Network, which earned him a Golden Globe. However, we are glad to have him back in full-on NIN form. So to celebrate, we have listed our top ten favorite Nine Inch Nails tracks. This was a difficult one to order, especially because after you have seen some of these songs live, you literally aren’t the same person anymore. And unfortunately nothing from The Slip, slipped it’s way into the list. Which it took a lot to leave tracks like “1,000,000” and “Echoplex” off. Nonetheless, we pushed through the disagreements and landed on a list we are quite happy with. We hope you feel the same, but if not, let us know.
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The Neighbourhood Show Review (Portlandia Style)

The Neighbourhood
The Crystal Ballroom
Portland, OR (eye roll) (duh!)

The Neighbourhood Live, crystal ballroom

So we went to a .94 cent show this past weekend, which was actually
free since it was sold out and people were just handing out the extra
tickets they bought in advance. Can’t beat that! The show was at the
Crystal Ballroom, which I expected to be bigger for some reason, I
suppose because I lot of people play there, but it was you’re average
smaller band venue (think House of Blues or Murat). The first band was
two chicks (I didn’t realize how frequent the whole two person band
thing was) and we couldn’t quite figure out if they were good enough,
but the lead singer was so bouncy and cute I want to give them the
benefit of the doubt. For the record, they were Chaos Chaos.
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Atoms for Peace Review: Amok

Atoms for Peace


Atoms for Peace Amok album cover art

Atoms for Peace started very differently than many supergroups: on tour. The project started when Thom Yorke, frontman of Radiohead, released a sparse electronic solo album called The Eraser all the way back in 2006. In 2009, Yorke got the idea to tour the album he created mostly with his laptop with a live, organic band to bring it fully to life. Thom Yorke assembled a heavily percussive band in Flea (bass) of Red Hot Chili Peppers, Joey Waronker (drums) of Beck and numerous other alt-rock projects, Mauro Refosco (percussionist) of Forro In The Dark, and legendary Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich (programming, producer) to make this mostly synthesized, glitchy album full-bodied and warm-blooded. The nameless band debuted The Eraser and some fresh material live at the EchoPlex in L.A. in October 2009, and something really sparked with this all-star lineup. A full-blown U.S. tour would follow in 2010, as well as deciding on a name for the band in Atoms for Peace, coming from the Eraser song of the same name. Now, four years since its conception, the band releases their debut album in Amok, which many will call a followup to Thom Yorke’s The Eraser, but is a sound entirely new bringing the strengths of each member to bear.
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Love Is A Mix Tape Review

Love Is A Mix Tape

Rob Sheffield

Love Is A Mixtape Book Review

I’m trying to make a point to read more in general, and specifically more music books since I think that helps me to really understand the thought and context around so much music. A few weeks ago I reviewed Elijah Wald’s classic reevaluation of rock history, How The Beatles Destroyed Rock ‘n’ Roll, and now I want to take on one of the more interesting rock memoirs with Rolling Stone critic Rob Sheffield’s Love Is A Mix Tape.
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2013 Oscar Predictions: Want vs. Reality

Oscars 2013, awards, 85th

In reality, The Oscars are just another BS award ceremony, but for some reason they are held in high regard; much more than other award ceremonies. When it comes down to it though, like most things in life, The Academy’s final decision is usually based on politics, money, and friends. A few years ago, the category for Best Film was widened from five nominations to ten. If that isn’t a telling sign of what the Oscars are really used for ($$$), I don’t know what is. Also, the simple fact that Stanley Kubrick never won an Oscar in his lifetime, or that Three 6 Mafia won the award before Martin Scorsese, tells you something of the ceremony’s legitimacy. The mere fact that the goal of the award is to pit films against each other based on the year they were released doesn’t make sense when you really think about it. But,all these things aside, it’s still fun to make predictions even if you only end up upset afterward (and then return to your stance of declaring how worthless the award actually is).  So I’ve decided to make some predictions, and by way of completely ripping off a post I saw on Paste this morning.  I didn’t dive into as many awards as they did because I either hadn’t seen enough movies in the respective category to do so or didn’t care enough about the category to list it, so my views are a bit different and a bit less legit. Nonetheless, here is what I think will happen, and what should happen this Sunday.
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Top Ten Thursday: Best Film Scores

Greatest Ten Film Scores of all time

So it’s another awards week with the Oscars this Sunday, and while it doesn’t directly pertain to music, there is always some sort of connection. Last year, we gave you our ten favorite movie soundtracks, and now it’s for our favorite theatrical film scores.
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Triple Threat of Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake 20/20 Experience Songs

We at LxL are admittedly pumped about Justin Timberlake’s return to music with his upcoming album 20/20 Experience and upcoming tour with Jay-Z. To show our pumped-ness for the new JT, we figured we would drop the first three released songs in a post for your listening pleasure in case you haven’t caught them. Three songs because JT himself is a triple threat: singer, actor, and renaissance man.
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