Top Ten Thursday: Most Anticipated Albums of 2013


Of the artists we most anticipated new albums from in 2012, two of them failed to release a new album (Outkast and Kanye).  We decided to be a bit less lofty with our prognostications this year, and are relatively comfortable that all the artists on this year’s list will end up dropping a new full-length (except my “just missed”, which is the same as last year, and a complete shot in the dark).  As always, some artists will surprise us with great new releases, but we can only base our list now on who has given strong vibes something new is coming in 2013.  Please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on who you are personally anticipating or where we messed up.  Enjoy!


10. Justin TimberlakeThe 20/20 Experience


Has Justin Timberlake ever faltered since he began his solo career?  No, no he hasn’t.  Making as smooth a transition from boy-band front man, to Michael Jackson-esque solo debut, to hyper-aggressive sophomore album Prince sound has seemed all too easy for ole’ JT.  Let’s hope The 20/20 Experience is no different.


9.  AlunaGeorge – Body Music (June, 2013)


After a couple killer singles to emerge in the past year (“Your Drums, Your Love” and “You Know You Like It”),  AlunaGeorge has been employing a slow burn of publicity that should explode with their June debut, Body Music.  AlunaGeorge should be a clear front-runner for best new artist of 2013, and hopefully will fulfill on their promise.


8.  The Black Keys


The Black Keys recently announced they will be back in the studio this month and hope to finish recording a new album by March.  Per usual, the Keys are going into the studio without anything written, but we’re certain they will come out once again with their signature bluesy bombast, while bringing something new to the table.  Expect the new album in the second half of 2013.


7.  The Knife – Shaking the Habitual


If you’re not familiar with The Knife, grab Silent Shout and Deep Cuts, as well as Karin Dreijer Andersson’s solo work under Fever Ray as fast as you can.  The Knife’s take on electronic music is beyond experimental, but also oddly accessible.  We all think Shaking the Habitual will follow suit, and if The Knife tours America behind this album, you can expect me to get real weird.


6.  Unknown Mortal Orchestra – II (February 5, 2013)


Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s brand of lo-fi psychedelia clicked on their 2011 self-titled debut.  The biggest danger of a band like UMO, coming off such a well-received debut album, is trying to do too much, or getting away from what made them successful in the first place.  We don’t expect UMO to make this sophomore mistake, and eagerly await February 5.


5.  The Antlers


Burst Apart solidified The Antlers as one of the most sonically-aware acts in the world.  And after a letdown, retread EP in Together, they came back strong with the experimental EP Undersea in 2012.  Now a new full-length juggernaut seems like a preconceived conclusion; one that we can’t wait to sample.


4.  Kanye West


Kanye didn’t release a solo album in 2011 or 2012, instead choosing to focus on joint ventures Watch the Throne and Cruel Summer.  While both albums were strong, Throne stonger than Summer, we are ready for a Kanye-centric experience.  Kanye was one of two artists on our list of most anticipated albums of 2012 to never release a solo album, but we are reasonably confident 2013 will bring better tidings.


3.  Atoms For Peace – Amok (February 25, 2013)


You know, because high-profile collaborations always work out….


2.  M.I.A. – Matangi


M.I.A. flipped off the camera during her performance at the Super Bowl almost a year ago, and while she hasn’t been completely silent since, she has had a lower profile than normal the past year.  Expect 2013 to pan out a little differently with the release of her fourth studio album.  Don’t expect dumbass Americans to get over the fact that the flip of one finger should not send a nation into a meltdown.  The below video is off a mixtape, not the new album, but I couldn’t resist.


1.  Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Mosquito (April 16, 2013)


Can you believe its only been three years since Yeah Yeah Yeah’s released Its Blitz?  It seems like it has been so much longer.  Sure, Karen O has remained in the public eye a little bit, but it is high time for another full-band studio album, and Mosquito is just that.


Just Missed

Todd:  David Bowie – The Next Day (March 12, 2013)


David Bowie used to be one of the golden gods of rock n’ roll.  Now, it has been ten years since he has released an album, and no one knows quite what to expect.  It may be bad, it may be great, but if we know one thing about David Bowie, The Next Day will be interesting.


Wes:  Beck


Beck is fairly prolific in the amount of material he releases, but that is no reason to not be excited about a new Beck album.  There aren’t many details yet, but there is not much doubt the new record will be quality on top of Beck’s typical quantity.


Austin:  Dr. Dre – Detox


That’s right, this year is the year.  Dr. Dre will finally deliver his ten years in the making rap opus, and the back of every real hip hop fan’s head will immediately explode (but only if listening on Beats by Dre).  This is my second year in a row with Detox as my “just missed”.  Weird to be the optimist of the group.

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7 thoughts on “Top Ten Thursday: Most Anticipated Albums of 2013”

  1. Beyonce? Lady GaGa? lol!!! doesn’t seem like that’s your style… but Timberlake???? (and FS/LS didn’t sound like Prince imo) … anyway good list, gonna share this on twitter and tumblr! =)

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