The Rolling Stones “Doom and Gloom” Video Might Make Your Head Explode

Artist: The Rolling Stones
Song: “Doom and Gloom”
Director: Jonas Åkerlund
Headless Actress: Noomi Rapace

The Rolling Stones Doom and Gloom Video, noomi rapace
^You, after you watch this video.

Earlier this month, The Rolling Stones released yet another “greatest hits” compilation known as GRRR!. It came in 40-track, 50-track, and 80-track editions, but each one included two newly recorded songs. That’s right, The Rolling Stones are still making new hits 50 years after their creation. And to be honest, “Doom and Gloom” (the first of the two songs that was released) isn’t too bad. In fact it’s probably better than anything off their latest 2005 effort, A Bigger Bang. The video, albeit very weird and non-sensical, follows suit as well.

Normally, I am not one who is big on literal videos at all. This one happens to be as on-the-nose as a music video could possibly come. After flashing through the four corpses that still make up the band in the opening scene, we see a lovely image of a sleeping Noomi Rapace. This is when the lyrics kick in which every line in the first verse is essentially shown on screen. “I had a dream last night I was pilot on a plane. All of the passengers were drunk and insane. Crash landed in a Louisiana swamp, shot up all the zombies but I come out on top.” Literally every line you hear is to a tee shown on screen. However, there are just a few things that save it still from being too redundant and too redundant. First, it’s so over-the-top in every way that it instantly gives the video a sense of humor. Even the flashes of the 70+ year old band members moving is quite hilarious. Second, it’s edited at a very fast pace, which helps keep the viewer interested and over-stimulated, as well as provides opportunity for many very different types of images, including brief flashes of a naked Noomi Rapace. Third, it cuts back to the band just enough to give us some moves from Jagger as he whines about his mood, and again, it contains brief flashes of Noomi naked.

Noomi Rapace, hot
^This would normally be a caption for a picture of Noomi naked and me talking about how hot she is, but the picture has been edited out so you are just going to have to wait for the video below to see that.

The video continues on this stretch through Noomi’s dream and a very literal translation of the lyrics, all while maintaing Noomi as the lead character in every scenario. As I said earlier, I normally don’t like these types of music videos but the ridiculousness of the video combined with the choppy editing seems to do it for me with “Doom and Gloom”. Jonas Åkerlund is by no means the most clever or well-versed director on the market, but his bland sense of music-to-video adaptation just happens to work really well in this instance. Or who knows, maybe I’m just a bit blinded my Noomi’s seductive looks and bare chest throughout the entire video. I suppose I could also say the same thing about Mick as well. If you think that’s weird, check out this video:

Video Rating: 7/11

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