The 5 Most Thankful Songs For Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, Turkey, day, holiday, thanks, pilgrims, native americans

LxL is taking a short hiatus for the upcoming holiday weekend, but before we go we wanted to give thanks for our favorite songs that also happen to give thanks in their own right. Because this is not a Top Ten Thursday post, we decided to keep things short and sweet with five solid tracks in this edition of Weak List Wednesday: Thanks!. We feel these tracks best represent the spirit of thankfulness, glorified gluttony, and pilgrims eating Native Americans … I mean pilgrims eating WITH the Native Americans … wait how’d that go? Anyways, onto the list:

5. Kind and Generous – Natalie Merchant

End the Thanksgiving day with hugs and kisses and tears of joy, and as Austin can strongly attest to, there is simply no better song to let out a good jovial cry to than The Merch’s “Kind and Generous”. It is basically the only reason Thanksgiving still exists. Had it not been for Natalie Merchant, those pilgrims probably would have never set there weapons down to break bread and give thanks for the land they were about to rape and pillage so many Native Americans for.

This track makes LxL thankful for: Angelic vocalists such as The Merch, who bring the John Smiths of this world to their very knees so they may land their Pocahontas’.


4. Thank You – Jay-Z

Add a bit of hippity-hop to your Thanksgiving soundtrack this Thursday with Hova’s very thankful jam from the all-in-all worst of the Blueprint albums. The album may have been less than stellar, but the track itself is a fun, jazzy lil’ number that will have you clapping your hands and praising thanks to everyone you cross paths with this weekend.

This track makes LxL thankful for: Jaz-O! If not for Jay being his hype man, the world of music may have never been blessed with Hova.


3. Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) – Sly and the Family Stone

Iconic for its very repetitious bass and tag line, this track really beats the whole “thank you” theme into the ground. The good news is that it does it in an extremely fun and funky way. You won’t be able to help but shake that booty while your eating that extra slice of pie this Thursday.

This track makes LxL thankful for: Good family, good friends, good food, and funky-ass bass lines.


2. Thank You for Sending Me an Angel – Talking Heads

Short, to the point, and certainly sweet. We do our fair share of gushing over Talking Heads AND Brian Eno here at LxL … but this song perfectly sums up exactly why both warrant our constant praise. The implication the title of the track leaves the listener with is very important. It is a unique way of disclosing the meaning of the song itself, but 100% effective. This song is heaven via “Heads”.

This track makes LxL thankful for: Proof that angels do walk among us, and they go by the name of David Byrne and Brian Eno.


1. Thank You – Led Zeppelin

Still only beginning to take the world by storm, Led Zeppelin II is an essential, yet frequently overlooked album in Rock ‘n’ Roll history. Out of the first four albums it is generally the least talked about, but still holds some true Zep gems on there. “Thank You” certainly being one of them. In our opinion, there is no better way to give thanks than to carve that turkey while slowly slicing to the epic live track shown above.

This track makes LxL thankful for: Guitar Gods with no regard!


The songs that we were not quite thankful enough for, but would have made the list if this would have been a full Top Ten Thursday:

“A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving Theme Song” – Vince Guaraldi

If you ever need help finding the spirit of ANY season, simply look no further than Peanuts.


“Thank You For Being a Friend” – Golden Girls Theme Song

Aside from Golden Girls being his favorite childhood and present day television show, this theme song helps remind Wes that he does indeed still have a few friends, and for that he is thankful.


“Thanksgiving Song” – Adam Sandler

You’re kidding yourself if you thought we would let this song go entirely unmentioned. We’re not total idiots. If you have never heard this track, than you probably don’t celebrate this holiday. Austin uses it to celebrate the holiday frequently and rather unwarranted throughout the year. Just last June in fact, I walked in on Austin while he was aggressively stuffing a turkey to this very jam. I didn’t try the bird myself, but I’ve been told that particular turkey was extra juicy.


Epilogue: If you happen to be a die-hard LxL follower, you may notice that this is the same list we used last Thanksgiving. Well, in terms of “Thank You” songs, things haven’t really changed much in the past year. So we hope you enjoyed a good re-read of our list from last year. If you didn’t catch it last year then hey, it’s new to you, and we hope you enjoyed as well! On one last side note, LxL would like to express what we are thankful for, aside from music. And that is you, our readers. Thanks for reading everyone, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving, Turkey, day, holiday, thanks


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