Tame Impala At The Metro Show Recap

Tame Impala

The Metro

November 13, 2012

Tame Impala Live, metro

Fellow LxL’er Wes and I happened to make it to our second show of the week together last night. Not that the Talking Heads cover band didn’t prove to be a fun-filled evening, but I think we both agreed that last night’s Tame Impala show far surpassed it. Walking through a very cold Wrigleyville last night, I was reminded of many previous nights either spent on that same strip, or in the Metro itself. Particularly one sub-zero temperature night in which a buddy and I were stranded on the streets after a Black Keys concert and were forced to seek shelter in a Subway sandwich shop like a common homeless person. That is another tale for a different time however. Metro has proven to be one of my favorite Chicago venues. Most every show there is under $20, and they still wrangle in some killer acts. Moreover, it’s such a small venue that there is literally no such thing as a bad seat. That is unless you were one of the 5-foot tall girls that just look like they are lost in a towering forest, never to see the stage.

The Metro Chicago
^The Happiest Place On Earth (Disney World Not Pictured)

As predicted by many, the opener to Lonerism, the band’s newest album, was also show’s opener. “Be Above It”, was quite a great tune to start off the show, the only downfall was that the mix seemed to be a bit off. This was fortunately a quick fix. From there, every song seemed to be better than the last. Every song sounded better than the last, the music seemed to get louder and louder as the night went on, and the crowd responded more and more to each song. Where I had to force myself to move around the first few tracks, by the time “Elephant “ popped up mid-set I was flailing around uncontrollably. This formula continued throughout the rest of the show.

Wes described it fairly perfectly when he said that it seemed like the driving force of their rock music undertones was constantly battling the slow-moving stoner vibe that also flows along with their sound. Ultimately the rock music won out, and most of the crowd was practically moshing by the end of the show.  Even despite the very trippy backdrop that was melting my mind the entire show. The notoriously sonic sounds that encompass the band’s music seem like studio effects, but are replicated live to perfection. Not that they sounds identical to the studio session, but they sound amazing in their own right.

^A Terrible recording from a different show, but this song was easily one of the highlights from last night.

This concert somewhat came together like their albums tend to do. You don’t exactly know what you’re in for, but it instantly catches your attention. Only to have you completely sucked in and loving every second of it just a few tracks in. It was certainly worth the $18 and if they are playing at a venue near by, I highly recommend catching a show.

Show Rating: 9/11

Can’t Miss Live:  “Elephant”, “Lucidity”, “Alter Ego”, “Apocalypse Dreams”, “Half Full Glass Of Wine”

Can’t Hit Live: “Be Above It” (Love the song, just didn’t live up to it’s hype in the live setting)

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